moving again ..

this time i'm giving tumblr a shot.
i've been using tumblr to collect portraits but i've been enjoying it so much that i've decided to start blogging over there.
i spend more than enough time on my tumblr dashboard so i might as well.

so for all 1.5 people that read my blog ..
see ya on tumblr!


The Wrestler.

mickey rourke is amazing.
tragic, lovable, self destructive.
i don't want to jump on the "he deserves the oscar" bandwagon cause i haven't seen a lot of the seasons movies yet but his role is fantastic and its really going to be hard to top.
i've only seen two darren aronofsky films but between the wrestler and requiem for a dream he's 2 for 2 in my book.
marisa tomei is lovely (even though i must admit that i have a weakness for ms tomei).
evan rachel wood is the sleeper ..
she has a couple of scenes with rourke that were my favorites.

i'm trying to watch most, if not all, of the award season favorites before the oscars ..
up next: slumdog millionaire & let the right one in.

and of course ..
check out the portraits.


is ratner on the ropes?

he's already scaled down on the commercial and residential space ..
now he's scaling down on the arena ..
looks like even ratner's feeling the pinch.

and of course ..
check out the portraits.


dustin humphrey is dope.

real dope.
read about dustin here.

and of course ..
check out the portraits.

i have a thing for portraits ..

i love them.

i spend hours looking at portraits by everyone from avedon to the agytators to leibovitz to my own lady, miss kristy.
so i've decided to start a tumblr account to start collecting & sharing portraits that i love, that inspire me and that i've taken.


*barbra streisand by richard avedon.