rip kevin duckworth.

duck was a big part of those big bulls-blazers battles of the 90s ..
which was back when i was watching a TON of basketball.
rest in peace dude. thanks for the memories.

diving bell and the butterfly.

just finished watching this damn movie and i'm in love. the perspective that schnabel uses to tell the story is uncomfortable and at times even a bit intrusive but so gotdamn effective. and even tho alot has been said about schnabel's directing, the cast is just as impressive. between this, basquiat, before night falls and the pink building i support this dude .. even if i've heard that he's a bit of a prick. but what artist doesn't have a little egomaniac in 'em?


i woke up with a bad case of wanderlust.

i'd kill to be at a beautiful beach right now ..
too bad beaches in nyc suck.
shit i'd even settle for a pool ..
not some public pool tho ..
you get the herpes at those.

ah well.
i'm gonna go sit on the stoop or something.


the last few nights have been crazy ..

.. i'm fucking exhausted.

*photos by mel d cole, meczilla & muhsinah (human, where the hell are the photos you took??)


the day that doesn't end.

you ever have one of those days where you get home a couple of hours later than you normally do, but with a ton of energy? that's where i'm at today. We started the day with the new pregnant lady power walk routine and then headed to babies r us to work on that registry. i think we both figured we'd be in and out of there in no time but we were wrong.

that little trip to the store was so damn intimidating. you really get hit dead on with this whole new culture of stuff and things. stuff and things i need to learn about. it seems like there's so much to learn that you'll never quite get it all. now don't get me wrong, i'm excited about this whole process .. most of today was spent laughing and smiling and just thinking about what little peanut's gonna look and act like. it seems like the duality of it is what makes it so beautiful. one second you're worried about the college fund that's 18 years from being needed and the next you're grinning at the thought of your little one coming home for the first time. it is quite the head trip. so after babies r us we headed to a late lunch, then over to whole foods and finally for a stroll downtown. by the time we hit home it was well passed 9 and i was far from tired.

fast forward to now. creeping on 4.30am and i'm still up. time flies when you get in front of a computer. who knew that checking emailing, finishing up work, and checking in here would kill so many hours? i literally blinked and the evening was over. and as much as i planned on coming here and blaming my long day for throwing off my sleep, who am i kidding? my ass knows that going to bed at 4am isn't very rare for me at all.

but .. finally the lights are dimming and i'm starting to fade. i need some shut eye cause tomorrow we're hitting the movies.

i really need to start getting to bed at a decent hour.


played for peanut 008.

artist: poly
album: poly
released: 2006
favorites: all we really want, connectro, diamonds under your tongue, get on the dancefloor.

happy birthday heffa.

here's to many more ..


played for peanut 007.

artist: tanya morgan
album: the bridge
released: 2008
favorites: the bridge, filthier interlude aka place, get me inside.

rip isaac & jerry.

from hot buttered soul to the memphis sounds to i'm gonna git you sucka to south park, isaac definitely had his hand in not only music, but popular culture as a whole. i was a bit shocked when i heard the news of his passing .. he was still very young, just 65, so i thought he'd be around for quite some time.

finding out jerry wexler passed away hit me in a different way .. i'd never met the man or even spoken to him but over the last few years he'd become a good friend of my boy buddy. through buddy i came to gain a new respect for the man that helped shape the careers of aretha franklin and ray charles, who signed led zeppelin and who produced albums for bob dylan and carlos santana .. not to mention that he turned atlantic records into a powerhouse. he left us at the tender age of 91 .. now that's a full life.

interesting tidbit: at one point stax, homes of hayes, was being dsitributed by wexler's atlantic records.

its sad when our icons are taken away from us but if we learn from them and keep their voices alive, have we truly lost them?


played for peanut 006.

artist: herbie hancock
album: head hunters
released: 1964
favorites: chameleon, watermelon man, sly, vein meter .. lol that's the whole damn album.


played for peanut 003.

artist: magnetic sounds
album: super erotica
released: 1970
favorites: p.z., doin' it, teach me tiger.

rip bernie mac.

thanks for the laughs dude.


tom ford & terry richardson.

i'm a bit late on this one but this is the tom ford spring/summer 2008 ad campaign.
it's pretty typical richardson, full of nudity and assholery and the clothing is pretty gotdamn fresh.
i need tom ford money son.

what yall think ?
and please save the "no homos" ..
be grown.

played for peanut 001.

artist: squeeze
album: cool for cats
released: 1979
favorites: slap and tickle, revue, it's so dirty, up the junction, goodbye girl, cool for cats.


so i finally got around to watching persepolis. i was really excited when i first saw the trailer but for some reason we didn't really go to the movies last winter. that turned out to be a good thing because in the spring ms nicole let me borrow the graphic novels that the movie was based on. both books were great reads so naturally it made me even more excited about the movie. fast forward to earlier this week, checking the mail and boom .. netflix sends persepolis (sidebar: am i the only one who gets excited whenever i see that damn red netflix envelope?). all that to say that i loved the film. its equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking and the animation is gorgeous. this should be required viewing for kids all across this selfish twisted country, maybe then some of us would realize that we all go through missteps, confusion and heartache regardless of how or where we grow up.

so yeah ..
persepolis ..
check it out.

a next set a rockers.

i was bank and post office bound on tuesday afternoon when i bumped into the homie dego of 2000black. he hooked me up with a copy of "a next set a rockers" which i listened to while i went through my nightly wind down and i have to say that it's a pretty good album. i'm not gonna get into a song by song rundown of it but if you enjoyed so right you'll probably dig the entire project.