welcome back.

i haven't been excited for any sports season in almost 10 years, but that changed after the fun i had watching the nba playoffs last year. so tonight (opening night!) i watched a chunk of the spurs-blazers game (it was cool .. wish oden was healthy), a tiny bit of the warriors-jazz game (yeah the warriors aren't gonna contend for the title but they should be fun to watch this season) and i watch most of the lakers-rockets game (what a damn ending!). its now 2am and the last game just ended and now i'm watching inside the nba. i doubt i can do too many nights like this but at times its so hard to pull away. ok i'mma go watch inside the nba and then take my ass to sleep i need some rest for a day of trackademicks/design work and for tomorrow night's sonics-nuggets (durant!) and mavericks-cavaliers (lebron!) games!

dear keyshia cole:

you got an album out??
i haven't heard it but i think i like this vibe cover a lil better than the album.
but yeah ..
g'on witcho "refined" hoodrat ass.
dye that hair and gitcho beyonce on.
sell them rekkids, gurl.


ps - i think donwill wants to marry you.


Dear LA:

I've missed you.
See you soon, bitch.


audio-technica ath-sq5 portable headphones.

i want them ..
and every other set of headphones & electronics on this site.


can i live??

triple crown is going thru it.
please come support my folk lindsey and myles.


jay z - american gangster.

just started listening .. so no opinion yet.

Charlotte Casiraghi.

"Charlotte Casiraghi is the stuff that Eurotrash perv dreams are made of, a royal princess who looks like she just wandered into the palace from a Robert Palmer video" © Karl Lagerfeld

eurotrash perv indeed, karl.


the inevitable rise & liberation of niggy tardust.

about a year ago, at la's house of blues, i met mr saul williams. we talked about the record he was working on and he mentioned working with trent reznor (who is a god) and it sparked the hell out of my curiousity. so we exchanged info (and i never hit dude up .. i'm so bad about that shit) and i beamed when i saw dude's email address. it was _______niggytardust@________.com and i thought that was the best shit ever. so a few of you who kick it with me may have heard me tell that story and talk about how much i loved his play on the fabulous david bowie's album/character.

little did i know that that email address would be the title of his new album and that it would be the second artist to pull a radiohead. yeah yeah yeah, saul doesn't have the same fan base but he is working with trent and i think that qualifies this in the same vein as in rainbows.

but again ..
he doesnt have the same following as radiohead so it makes this release just as, if not more, important than in rainbows. if an artist like saul can make waves and push his product like this then maybe labels will be forced to finally change their ancient business model.

so please, support saul and drop a few bucks (or shit, download it for free) for the inevitable rise & liberation of niggy tardust , starring saul williams and produced by trent reznor.


wednesday night @ msg.

knicks-sixers preseason game.
spec, jon, Bella and me.
great seats plus a deaf kid who told jon to be quiet equals a good time.
thanks for the hook up, mr melton.


Lessondary Radio - The BSP Show: Episode 005, Version One Mo'Gin.

i just reupped the last episode of the BSP show cause it last went up the day that podomatic decided to go crazy. so if you ain't get to hear it then you should check it out and if you did get the chance to hear it then you should check it out anyway. i'll be back next week with a new episode for all 4 of my listeners.

anyway ..
go over there to the player on the right and hit play.


rsvp. rsvp. rsvp. rsvp.

get on it, rsvp before 5pm today and getcho ass to the party.
arrive early cause tillman's ain't but so big.

oh and there'll be a live performance!


currently reading.

so about a week and a half ago Bella brought home the latest vanity fair, which i love, but of course i didn't get my hands on it till a couple of days ago because she was using it as her commute entertainment. but after the rapper invasion (photos coming soon) of our apartment on friday i read the serge gainsbourg article, i finished reading the lou pearlman article this evening and i've already started on the clinton/gore article. so far this issue is pretty damn amazing.
the serge gainsbourg article is basically a tour through his home (which no one, outside of family, has seen the insides of since his death in 1991) and it includes words from daughter charlotte, jane birkin and many others. the lou pearlman piece is crazy. of course, it touches on the hundreds of millions of dollars that pearlman embezzled and it delves into the inappropriate/sexual relationships that pearlman had with his boy band members. the clinton/gore write-up is just as interesting as it speaks on the tension between the clinton and gore families that led to bill and al's relationship falling apart.
aside from those i have yet to read the camelot piece that was taken from the journals of arthur schlesinger which is accompanied by never before published photos of jfk and jackie o with their kids, taken by richard avedon. i also haven't read the articles on u.s. war profiteers, eric clapton on the death of his son, pink floyd's syd barret, and the piece on stage mothers of paris, britney & lindsey (i think that's gonna be my next read cause it seems like the mothers get torn a new ass in that article).
so um yeah .. i guess this whole entry is just an endorsement. all 3 of yall that read my blog need to go out and get this issue cus it's pretty damn dope.


being under the influence can lead to bad decisions.

sundays ain't the same.

i've been sitting here watching the giants/niners game and the cowboys/vikings game and i miss watching my favorite football player of all time.

here's to you barry.

my new favorite place on earf ..

is called freeman's sporting club.

she said it better so go read it.

the darjeeling limited.

the thing i've always loved about wes anderson more than anything has been his ability to make me care about his quirky, detached from reality, and sometime asshole characters. whether it was steve zissou, royal tenenbaum, dignan or max & herman i always had a vested interest in the characters. i wanted steve's relationship with ned to grow. i wanted royal to find a place of comfort and understanding with his family. i wanted dignan to not be an idiot while still remaining his idiotic self (if that makes sense to anyone) and i really wanted max & herman to not kill one another but to come close .. you know, for the enjoyment of the audience (and by audience i mean me).
but in darjeeling i never really cared about the whitman brothers. i had a small interest in jack after seeing hotel chevalier but that vanished after the first few scenes. i mean yeah, the whitman's definitely had back stories. i got the whole jack/ex-girlfriend thing. i got the whole peter marriage/baby thing. i got the whole francis bandage/possible suicide/controlling thing. i also got the whole luggage thing (hitting us over the head there, wes?) but at no point did i care about any of it.
maybe i had some expectations that were a bit off. the original story that i'd read about a year ago was so damn lively. three brothers on an spiritual adventure to find the soul of their father who they believed had been reincarnated into a wild tiger who just so happened to be terrorizing the village where their mother lived. oh and bill murray was along for the ride as their tour guide. so maybe i set myself up for the let down by expecting something totally different. but then again, it became pretty obvious before the release of darjeeling that the film wasn't going to be following that storyline so yeah .. scratch that expectations bit.
i guess that for whatever reason i just couldn't make a connection with any of the characters and without that a movie will usually do nothing for me. i mean shit, i even cared about bow wow in fast & the furious: tokyo drift! granted, i cared about how horrific his death scene would be but whatever (boy was i disappointed when he lived .. that was my only reason for watching that damn movie!).
all in all, the movie was shot beautifully and i can't say anything bad about owen wilson, adrien brody or jason schwartzman's performances. i just wish the story had pulled me in a bit more. but the end of the day i don't put it as a strike to wes anderson, no matter how much i've loved a number of directors no one has ever made a great movie every time out. so regardless of how i feel about darjeeling, i'm still definitely looking forward to the fantastic mr fox in 2009.



so odd ..
so weird ..
so awesome.

gainsbourg is the fuckin' man.
bardot was a damn hot box.


this week is gonna be long ..

cmj ..
the crew is in town ..
i already didn't sleep much last week.

but its gonna be fun ..
i miss the bay crew.

photos and stories soon to come.


please support.

on october 23rd ..
in a lil over a week ..
little brother will be releasing their new album, getback ..
and heavy will be releasing their debut, jazz money ..
please pick these up and support good artists ..

or i'll kill your parents.



radiohead - in rainbows

are the days of the major label dead? yeah, they are .. at least that's the way radiohead is acting. they've released their new album, in rainbows, on their website for the lovely price of $whatever.youwant without a major label. i've talked to a few friends that work in the major label world and it doesn't seem like the the majors are too happy. one head of a&r said "this cheapens the music." why would they be happy, tho? giving away music and showing that the major labels aren't needed isn't what they want. nine inch nails, oasis and jamiroquai are supposedly joining in on the fun.
of course, it works because of the huge following that bands like radiohead have but i think its just one step in turning the industry on its head. nowadays no one but the majors make money off record sales and being that those are at an all time low its only a matter of time before they either fall apart or reintroduce artist development and some fair play into the equation.
either way, kudos to radiohead fro understanding the new climate. the music is the new business card .. learn how to circulate it and the touring, merch, etc will all fall into place. i'll be supporting what i hope is a new trend. y'all should too.

ps - yeah i didn't pay a penny for the new radiohead album but best believe i am going to drop the $80 for the boxset.


humans be hating yo.

so i was just watching independence day and remember when randy quaid volunteers to fly during the final air attack?
during the briefing he says ..
"i'd also like to add .. ever since aliens kidnapped me 10 years ago i've been waiting to get my revenge"
and everyone around him rolls their eyes and gives him the "this fool is crazy" look.
like wtf is their problem yo ..
fools are about to fly and attack aliens that have just vaporized all the major cities in the world ..
and they're giving HIM attitude like he's lying??
what thee fuck??
humans be hating yo.

i feel you randy.

this post was dedicated to brook.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Bella sent me this link and i've seen it a few times .. kinda trynna let it sink in but i can't lie .. something about the trailer kinda throws me off. that being said, i can't help but be interested just cause it's depp & burton.

i've heard of the original musical but i've never seen it or heard much about it. regardless, this is definitely gonna be one of the films i see this winter. matter fact, i think i'm gonna have to start putting together a list of movies i need to see this fall/winter.

this cat is something else.

"how the hell does livingroom skate with hard bottom shoes and a suit??" © donwill

you know ..
since hard bottoms and a suit can be a bit constricting ..
got us wondering how good he if he had on some skate friendly clothes ..
i mean dude was on the cover of transworld mag about 16 years ago so he's gotta be nice with it.


Lessondary Radio - The BSP Show: Episode 005

episode numero cinco of Filthy's BSP Show, featuring new but mostly old(er) music by: The Time, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, DJ Spinna featuring Phonte & more. Enjoy!

download it there ---------->


so being that ..

i've been on a museum kick as of late, here are some photos from a recent trip to the met.

that's all.



semi pro.

will ferrell plays a one hit wonder soul singer who buys a semi pro basketball and becomes the coach and power forward. andre 3000 plays basketball player clarence coffee black. and woody harrelson costars.

i can't wait for this damn movie.


first saturdays.

if yo ass is in or around brooklyn then you need to be at the brooklyn museum's first saturdays. it'll be going on all night tonight .. there'll be readings, viewings, discussions, performances and rich medina spinning from 9-11pm.

check it.


museum of modern art.

moma is free on friday's from 4-8pm ..
so if you're in nyc head over when you get off work.
there's a ton to see.
i'm rollin' out there tomorrow evening.