Ladies & Gentlemen, Introducing ..

Black Morris.

Photos by: The Cobrasnake


the carps new cd, the young and passionate days of carpedia, has a dope cd design.

i dig it.

now lemme listen and see what they brought to the table.

yay or nay?

apple tv.


oh sweety ..

gold sequins ..
rolled up sweats with boots ..
miniskirt with a fur lined down coat ..
just don't.

Spring is bringing out the crazies.


so why was there just a man staring me down the whole time i was on the train ride home?

he had awkward sex eyes like phillip seymour hoffman in boogie nights.
a fat white perv man ..
ugly accountant looking clothes ..
thick bottle lens glasses ..
bald ..
breathing heavy ..
mouth all open ..
sweating ..
he's had sex with, and killed, young boys before ..
i'm sure of it.
and he was staring at me.
it was terrifying.

I mean ..
i'm kinda cute and whatnot ..
but I ain't that kinda cute ..
those john wayne gacy types like skinny young boys ..
in short swim trunks ..
fresh out the pool.

i'm scared yo.

kristy ..

I like feeling safe ..

but signs like these ..
in an elevator ..
do not make me feel safe.

I'm just saying.


vans + marc jacobs = fun.

yeah yeah ..
i know these have been out and about for a bit now, but i don't own a pair yet and i can't stop admiring them.
so if you plan on gettin' me a gift just slide me a pair of marc's 3rd season of vans.

bella and i plan on taking a couple of weekend trips this spring/summer ..
i kinda wanna pick this billy kirk weekend bag, or something like it, up for those short trips.

i mean, who wants to carry a suitcase for a 2-3 day trip?

ok ..
that's all for now.


LA: Tuesday, March 27th

i'm kinda mad i can't go to this ..

i've been dying to finally see Kudu live and i missed them on valentine's day here in nyc ..
BUT ..
what the reason i REALLY want to go to this show is because of Black Morris ..
i don't know how much i can spill about Black Morris just yet, so i won't say anything ..
but TRUST ME, if you're in LA tomorrow night you NEED to go check this show out.
i doubt you'll be disappointed.

dj sets from:
steve aoki
them jeans
small town dj's

oh yeah, did i mentioned that there will be a guest dj set by miss jack davey?

photos by:
the cobrasnake

brought to you by:
dim mak
jason stewart


napoleon always comes thru ..

he just sent me this ..

enjoy ..

eleventeen random thoughts

won. party with miss jack davey & the honor roll tonight in the bay.
too. i need a sewing machine for this project i'm working on .. and i need to learn how to sew.
tree. with the exception of brunch this past sunday with jasika and claire i've cut down on the um .. mind altering fun.
fore. i was really excited about march madness but i haven't watched much of it. i saw the end of the duke game, which bella loved cause she hates dukes, and last night i fell asleep watching the tennessee/ohio state game. my love for basetball has definitely changed a ton,
phife. thanks to pops for all the vinyl. we've definitely been enjoying it.
sex. late night surprises are great. especially when you're givin' 'em. after work surpises are even better. especially when you're gettin' 'em.
seh'm. bella got me into watching the today show with matt lauer, meredith vieira, al roker and an curry. ann's a damn cougar. i mean come one .. she's 50 years old. she's on assignment in darfur. the show ain't the same without her. but her write up in the times was dope.
ate. i made chocolate banana crepes last week .. i think i wanna make some chicken/cheese crepes tonight.
nova. job hunting sucks but i'm starting to realize that i really do love designing. just print tho. fuck the web.
tin. i *heart* macbook.
eleventeen. london really does sound like a good idea. i wouldn't want to move now, but in about 3 years i think we'd be ready. who knows if it'll happen but the thought of it is pretty exciting. knowing that we're both on the same wavelength about it is even more exciting.


And Now .. Wise Words ..

"Fuck her. I wanna fingerpop her to see if shes really human."
© Elucid, on Hillary Clinton

wasting money ..

yeah i'm being a snob ..
but who the fuck actually thinks making some shit like this is a good idea??

"who is wasting all this money" © von pea

fuckin' ridiculous.


easy like sunday morning.

this past sunday bella and i had brunch with jasika and claire ..
mimosa's don't get me drunk ..
but going thru 3 bottles, amongst other things, definitely had me a lil tipsy.
jasika is a lil ball of energy ..
i think her heart pumps red bull.