kanye west - can't tell me nothing (mixtape)

Friday Morning, May 25th, 2007 (Intro) - Kanye West
Stronger (Snippet) - Kanye West
Us Placers - CRS (Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell)
I Ain't Even On Yet - GLC
Can't Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West
Southside (Snippet) - Common feat. Kanye West
The Game - Common
Porno (Interlude) - Kanye West
Stay Up - 88 Keys feat. Kanye West & Malik Yusef
In The Mood - Talib Kweli feat. Kanye West
C.O.L.O.U.R.S. - Fonsworth Bentley feat. Pimp C & Lil' Wayne
Pro Nails - Kid Sister feat. Kanye West
Young Folks - Kanye West
Interviews (Interlude) - Kanye West
The People - Common
Get'cha Some -Big Sean
Don't Forget Em - Consequence
White! (On The Floor) - Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Because Of You (Remix) - Ne-Yo feat. Kanye West
Buy You A Drank (Remix) - T-Pain feat. Kanye West
Throw Some D's (Interlude) - Kanye West
Throw Some D's (Remix) - Kanye West
Dreaming Of Your Love - Tony Williams
Magnetic Power - Really Doe feat. Jennifer Hudson
Hater Family - PM

download here.

john rambo.

this is going to be terrible ..
just terrible.
i can't wait to see it.



just no.

Things you don't do ..

.. in the bathroom at Crate & Barrell on Houston & Broadway:

1. Take a full on shit, complete with newspaper shuffling, grunts and moans.

2. Brush your teeth & make your face up with your full beauty kit sitting on the counter like you're at home.

They were either tourists or Crate & Barrel is known for having a great bathroom.

song of the weekend.

this next one is a lil treat from my homie che grand, it's produced by the boom clap bachelors (one of the bachelors is a member of owusu & hannibal.)

che's been hard at work in the studio, preppin' his solo debut 'everything's good ugly' and this is what's come out of one of those sessions. no word on this being on the album or not, but the track is catchy and funky as hell. so here ya go .. check it out.

che grand - get on your job produced by boom clap bachelors.

ps - i had permission to link this up so shut up.

stone cold fox.

i'm currently on a blondie kick and debbie harry was full on sexy. i remember the madonna/debbie harry comparisons and personally i would have taken debbie over madonna any day.



taking a piss ..
on 6th and 32nd ..
in new york city ..
at 5pm ..
is what's hot in the streets??


jesus christ, he's gone.*

i thought trapped in the closet was the pinnacle of r kelly's musical lunacy ..
this is it ..
"real talk" off his new album, double up.
he's lost his damn mind ..
and you'll love hating this song.
it's fascinatingly terrible ..
like watching a grown man die.

*i got this from che's blog, i don't like topic stealin' but i had to post this up.


the land of the lost episode

so i had the honor of listening to the new j*davey/the fader mixtape
here's a *quick* run down, in no particular order.

lalaland - if you were lucky enough to be at their 1st nyc show (rare form!) then you caught phonte, from little brother, jumpin' on stage to go verse for verse with miss jack to a MONSTROUS beat. well that beat has been transformed into lalaland. a homage to los angeles with a verse from the lessondary/loosie emcee elucid.

lil big head - this was done last year, in philly @ larry gold. we roll up to philly after the first dc show w/ questlove and quest laid the drums. we ate tons of cheesesteaks. there's some rant about feathers and a cool kid(s) .. i ain't gonna say shit else.

red light - y'all have probably heard this one already .. it was on the controversial jdilla tribute 'jay loves japan'.

you are - this one has been floating around for a lil bit .. it's a slow sultry tune produced by toronto's marco polo.

sLAyers - posse cut with pacific division, diz gibran & bleu collar. i been praising these cats for a bit .. i hope folk take notice after this.

the valley of love. - this is one of my favorites, but i'm biased. it's produced by trackademicks and has his damn near patented tom tom swing.

just because - phonte is fuckin' hilarious. y'all have probably heard this on the j*davey myspace page. i can't get enough of it .. phonte is fuckin' HILARIOUS.

mr. mister (cock out remix) - remixed by mr d'leau and gb (of poly). yet another take on mr mister.

dancehall - i heard the original to this awhiiiiiiile ago. but about a year or so ago we were in norway , on the same bill as kardinal offishall & dwele. contact info was exchanged and now we have this. some of y'all may remember the skeleton version of dancehall from miss jack's short lived myspace page.

slooow - if i'm not mistakened brook and me were being lazy that day. had just gotten out of bed in the early afternoon .. it was shortly after we came back from europe. bri showed up at the house with this new track laid out and, still in our pjs, we lost it. it is the mixtape's standout track.

hi's & lo's - produced by mr d'leau and georgia anne muldrow and featuring nicki of bleu collar. this is another one of my favorites. sloppy, playful and full of what miss jack calls "electro-cowabunga dude surf music" it's some new school cali shit.

thick interlude - don't kill me, bri .. but i wanted to do aerobics to this. dope regardless.

venus 2 mars - the nola darlin theory, produced by khari farrari of nouveau riche. go to the nola darlin page and check it out.

finer things - this was one of the additions to the myspace page about a month or so ago. it was on snoop's boss'n up movie. i love this damn song.

oh and there's also a live version of no more on this mixtape.

overall, it's breezy as hell .. made me miss the days in la.

*photo by the cobrasnake
** cover design by graham haynes

i love it ..

when we're cruisin' together.


last night ..

after a big dinner (steaks! biscuits! baked potatoes! red wine! tea! no greens!) ..
we ended up walking from our place in bed stuy to ft greene ..
where we spent the evening talking shit with ms jasika and ms claire.

i took some photos ..
nothing major ..
all of them are actually a mess.

i know bella took some too but i haven't seen em yet.

we're gonna have a duel of the iron cams soon.


song of the day.

'what it is' by diz gibran, out of los angeles.
this isn't my 1st time shouting diz out in my blog ..
check it out tho .. LA is doing it.

summer in brooklyn.

a bike is needed.

i want her..

and i will get her ..


song of the weekend.

'there 4 u' by the love bugs, out of houston.
give it a whirl, it's refreshing .. i promise.


Josie Stingray featuring Jack Davey.

i just added Ms. Josie Stingray's Doing My Thang featuring Jack Davey of J*DaVeY.

it's produced by the Honor Roll's 1 O.A.K. .. this kid is a beast (check out his remix of cassies me and u).

peep it.