I dunno how many of y'all have heard Che Grand's Final Countdown, but
there's an interlude on it by Che's homie from Virginia. I remember when
Che 1st sent me the mp3, we were still working on the mixtape and dude
was pretty damn dope. Che was so certain that Valley had a future in the
hip hop world and I definitely agreed.
Then in summer 2005 at a Virginia nightclub, Valley was shot and
paralyzed. Che sent me this link today.


I'm happy dudes gonna be going in for a long time. Our thoughts are
still with you Valley.



So much on my mind ..

I just can't recline.

That was me a few days ago, passed out at the verizon store in Chicago.
But now that we're on our own I can finally relax and breathe. If you've
check the Loud Minority Music site (www.loudminoritymusic.com) in the
last day or so then you've heard that Tanya Morgan and myself are no
longer rolling with the new royalty tour. I wish them the best, but if
you've been keeping up with Von Pea's blog (www.peamobile.blogspot.com)
then you're already aware of the headaches this tour was causing. But
now we're headed to Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Washington DC, and CMJ in
New York City. But before that ..

Denver here we fuckin' come.



Harold's ..

I love you more.



St Alfreds ..

I love you.


I suck at pool.

We're in chicago, in donwill's cousin's basement, playing pool and I'm
realizing how fuckin' terrible I am. This is some sad shit. I'mma have
to start practicing.

Fuck pool.

This blog looks so ugly. I'll fix it up when I get a second .. Just deal
with the mess for now.

Oh, and I'm gonna write a tour recap for boston-chicago in a day or so.
I'll try and be nice.

Talk to y'all then.