i. am. beowulf.

so we went to amc lincoln center last night to check out beowulf in 3d.
it didn't suck.
but it also wasn't very good.
the visuals were dope but the 3d was a bit much at times.
all in all, i woulda been cool with staying home and watching the leggy gals on top model.

best part was wearing the 3d glasses (i had to doubled up!).

but then we had to give the 3d glasses back ..
which kinda freaked me out a bit.
i mean, do they clean them before they give em to the next batch of folk?
is the staff on point with the cleanings?
do they get lazy and just hand em to the next crowd with someone else's forehead sweat on em?
just gross.
Bella and me decided that our glasses were worn by two extremely clean and beautiful young ladies before we got 'em ..
cause girls are cleaner than boys.


random street sightings in nyc.

i swear i run into the most random things while walking the streets of this city.
recently i've seen ..

what looks like a portable toilet ..

a carnival prize bunny on a hand truck ..

a big plush orange orangutan ..

and my personal favorite..

a fire hydrant in a shopping cart.

i love this ridiculous city.

i really wish ..

we still had some thanksgiving leftovers.

some turkey (from both mama gomez and atlanta).
some greens.
some mac n cheese.
some dressing.
some cranberry sauce.
some sweet potato soufflé.
some chicken.
some red velvet cake.

everything was so yummy.
i want some right now.


muji is pretty dope.

i've been about 4-5 times already and i keep snatchin' up random lil things.

so far i've gotten some socks for Bella & me ..

and some art supplies.

and i haven't even picked up the muji red gingham shirt, the canvas slip on shoes, the tshirts or the charcoal grey duvet.
a few people can expect to get an xmas gift from muji.

january 25th is gonna be terrible!

as i've mentioned before, i can't wait for rambo, part 876. this is gonna be an amazingly terrible movie .. i'm fuckin' juiced for this mess.


i went to HS with these cats so i kinda hope its a parody ..
but um, i dunno, unfortunately it doesn't look like it is.


dear stan smith

i don't you know ..

.. but i love you.



Muhsinah - Day.Break

Rock Slinger Incorporated present Muhsinah's Day.Break, now available on iTunes. Make sure you check out this extremely talented young lady's music.

And please ..
If you're in Philly or DC this weekend go check out the listening parties.

dear barry bonds,

you are an idiot.


muji opens in nyc this week!

so tomorrow my ass is headed to the grand opening of the new muji soho location.
muji seems like the ikea of japan ..
only funkier ..
and better ..
and with a wider range.

i'm excited about this shit

new york sports is in a shit state.

New York Mets blew a 7 game lead with 17 games left. There is a BIG need for pitching in queens.
New York Yankees are dealing with a selfish Alex Rodriguez who has yet to bring a ring to the bronx. and lets not even talk about the whole Joe Torre mess.
New York Jets are 1-8 with a terrible Chad Pennington at the helm.
New York Knicks are 2-5 and in the middle of another Isiah Thomas vs Stephon Marbury beef. and let's not forget the Isiah Thomas sexual harrasment scandal.
New York Giants are 6-3 and having a pretty good season but they've had a light schedule. the rest of the schedule is kinda light too so if they make the playoffs it'll be on the heels of a weak schedule.
New York Rangers are 18-10 and New York Islanders 14-9, but i don't watch hockey.

maybe the Brooklyn Nets will bring a dominant team to New York?
prolly not ..
they touchdown in Brooklyn in 2009 ..
by that time Kidd will prolly be gone and i'd be shocked if Vince Carter was still in a Nets uniform.

I actually love most of these teams ..
well except for the Jets, i could care less about them.
and while i'm a Mets fan, i'm not a Yankee hater.
but at this point i just want to see SOMEONE bring a championship home.

hehehe and i stopped watching sports about 5 years ago ..
oh what a change domestic living has brought out.

from dusk till dawn.

ok, i know this is a bit of an unpopular opinion but jesus christ do i hate this damn movie! i just finished watching it (giving it another try because hey, sometimes we just don't get things upon first viewing/listening/experiencing them) and nothing has changed. and at times i thought "maybe you just don't get it" .. but nope .. that's not it. i get all the lil references & nods, from rammstein to "assault on precinct 13" to "the getaway" to the lost boys. i get that its "clever" and that its supposed to be over the top and a bit of a gorefest. i get it. but that doesn't mean that i have to like it. its a lil too corny, a lil too over the top and i just really don't care about anyone in the film. i still fuck with rodriguez films tho.


RIP Norman Mailer

He was cofounder of the The Village Voice and he wrote classics like The Naked & The Dead, Armies Of The Night (1968 Pulitzer Prize), and The Executioner's Song (1979 Pulitzer Prize). And although he is probably hated by as many people as he's loved by, one can't deny the debates his work have ignited.

RIP Mr. Mailer.


charlotte stand up!

so if you're in charlotte and you love hip hop then you're probably gonna be at tomorrow night's de la soul show at amos southend.

BUT ..

i just got news that my homies tanya morgan have JUST been added to the lineup and wil be opening up the evenings festivities.

so please, get your ass out to amos southend and enjoy a night of dope performances.

Tanya Morgan/De La Soul
Amos' Southend
1423 S Tryon St
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
Doors: 8.30pm

RIP Fred W. McDarrah

he documented the beat generation from the very beginning. he was the eye of the village voice and new york city for more time than i've had on this earth. rest in peace, fred .. thank you for leaving a piece of you behind.




the factory.


de kooning.


corso. ginsberg. burroughs. greer



schwarzenegger. warhol.








lennon. ono.


pop art.

christo & jeanne-claude.


duchamp. cage. cunningham.