nba draft.

is it just me or does greg oden look like a YOUNG 54 year old owner of an air conditioning & refrigeration company in muncie, indiana?

where the wild things are.

so one of my favorite books as a kid is becoming a movie!
check out the mtv site, they reported it last week.

i'm excited about this.


this update is for ampy ..

"Whats next? Whats next to do SON?" © ampy.

this is what's next SON ..

talk to me is the new focus feature film about petey greene with don cheadle as petey.

peep the trailer and then rsvp to the FREE sneak preview (at regal union square theater) so yo stankin' ass has something to do.

happy, ampy??

this update is for donwill ..

today i had an egg n cheese sammich.
i showered.
i watched espn.
road my bike.
and i did some work with our friends over at okp.
that's all.

i'm gonna head home in a few to watch the BET awards with Bella.

how's that for a fuckin' update, don??


it's saturday ...

please ..

go out and have some fun ..

we finna be drunk and dancing ..

in that order.


on the road ..

so i've been taking Ms. Clementine Bellefontaine out for a spin for the last few days .. just a few miles here and there, its a pretty good exercise. before today, the most i'd done was almost 6 miles on monday morning.

but today i jumped on and slid out thru bed stuy ..
up to williamsburg ..
across greenpoint ..
down by the water front ..
under the williamsburg bridge ..
back down to clinton hill
over to ft green ..
and back across bed stuy before i headed home.

i kept mental notes of landmarks and i google map'd the trek when i got home ..

the map isn't 100% accurate, i actually did a lil more than what's on the map, but its pretty damn close ..
all in all, google map says i biked about 13 miles today.



from the desk of jack davey.



i last spoke to miss jack on friday and i knew she was going thru a few headaches (whic is to be expected, it's music, but its still a job) but she never mentioned anything serious going on with warner. so now i log onto AIM and the 1st thing i get hit with is this. i don't know what the fuck is going on and, being that i'm in nyc, it's too early to call her and find out the dead on truth. so i don't want to say much on their situation.

if it IS true then people who consider themselves fans need to hit up folk at warner and make their voices heard. we all spend time on sites like okayplayer, talking shit with our homies, writing blogs about how the major label world is lacking .. how music we love isn't getting heard .. how radio don't play us .. well we need to stop talking about it and do something. hit up A&Rs .. hit up execs .. i know a ton of y'all that are connected out the ass. stop talking to each other and start yelling at those that make the decisions for us.

as much as i love jack & brook's music, i can't say i would be shocked at a major label pulling something like this .. they do it EVERYDAY .. crush some kids dreams just cause they don't want to go thru the trouble of taking a risk on something that doesn't fit in the current mold. "too black for white radio and too white for black radio" is what i think we heard a few times over.

how many j*davey's, tanya morgan's, and bilal's have to go thru the woe's of this industry before we actually start making our voices heard?

"and i just wanna go outside and listen to the music that these pretty little people make" © jack davey, "this one!"

photo by the cobrasnake


they're way existential.

"i NOT a mexican!"

so i just finished watching clueless with Bella. i've seen it about 3 times since friday and i'd forgotten how much i love this damn movie. but i'd really forgotten how i know damn near every line of this movie. i used to watch it, repeatedly, with my younger sister back when she thought her big brother was still cool enough to hangout with.

i gotta call michelle and set aside a play date for us, i miss that bitch.


portraits 001.

a few of you may remember the polaroid portrait project i did a couple of years ago. well after taking 100+ polaroids of people who i crossed paths with, i decided that i would revist the portrait project again in the near future.

so now, about 2 years later, i'm going to jump on it again. this time i'm going to paint portraits of the people that i share my personal life with.

i started these rough ink sketches on sunday.

of course those are just the 1st steps in the sketch process, hence 4 different sketches of Bella. i'm not going to make these into anything traditional. basically i plan on taking drawings of my subjects and flipping them into paintings that lean towards the nondescript. i'm gonna try and get at least one, hopefully 2, done by the end of june, and i'm going to be posting a few of the steps along the way.

let's see how this one turns out.


play detective and find the music.

there are some tunes hidden in a couple of the past entries on this blog. there are about 4-5 links with albums, eps and mp3s in em. i'm not gonna say what artist or what albums or what songs but it's definitely worth the hunt. i'm gonna keep adding hidden links throughout future entries but once the link is dead i won't be uploading it again. it really shouldn't be hard to find, so happy hunting.


he lost ..

big time.

bored on the road.

watermelanin is the group and the song is a remake of bobby brown's my prerogative. a few of you may have heard this lil ditty on donwill's myspace page a few months back.

basically, this is what happens when you're on a mess of a tour and you take your free time to goof off instead of thinking about the madness that's going on. i think i'd had about 6 red bulls when we did this. von thinks it was on a different night so i could be wrong. please be very judgemental.

Watermelanin - My 'Rogative

oh and, a certain tv star makes a cameo on the song.


i need a screen printing press.

i really do.

if i had a screen printing press. i don't think i'd be into making mass runs of shirts but i'd definitely make a handful of every lil idea that pops into my head. like right now i want make a handful of shirts with bad ass women on 'em. here's a few. i have a few more i'll put up in a few.

debbie harry.

grace jones.

betty davis

annie lennox.

jane birkin.

monica belluci.

jack davey.

omahyra mota.