RIP to The Godfather Of Soul.

Today, Christmas day, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia James Brown has passed
away at the age of 73.
I can't front, I was a bit saddened by the news and then I read this ..
"Had 119 chart hits and recorded over 50 albums"
Now that's leaving your mark. He left an impression on multiple
generations. His legend is cemented forever. He may have passed, but he
can never really die.
So keep jammin' James, we'll be rockin' witcha.



Stills, No. 0022.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, New York, 1980
Photography by Annie Leibovitz
© Annie Leibovitz

Thanks to Goodbyes.

Stills, No. 0021.

Looking For Hope, Brasil, Unknown
Photography by Gordon Parks
© Gordon Parks

Thanks to Legends.

Stills, No. 0020.

Model, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Marc Baptiste
© Marc Baptiste

Thanks to fashion.

Stills, No. 0019.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, Unknown
Photography by Unknown
© holga.canalblog.com

Thanks to Google & Holga.

Stills, No. 0018.

Jean Michel Basquiat, New York, 1979
Photography by Nicholas Taylor
© Nicholas Taylor

Thanks to The Market.

Stills, No. 0017.

Williamsburg, New York, 2000
Photography by Tara Duvivier
© Tara Duvivier

Thanks to style.

Stills, No. 0016.

Ashlee Badgett, St. Louis, 2005
Photography by Jesi Bevis
© Jesi Bevis

Thanks to Ms Goody.

Stills, No. 0015.

Jay Z at Radio City Music Hall, New York, 2006
Photography by Mel Cole
© Mel D. ©ole Photography

Thanks to The Roots.

Stills, No. 0014.

Illusion, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Laura Ryan
© lauraryanphoto.com

Thanks to Sir Nap.


Stills, No. 0013.

Walking The Dog, New York, 2005
Photography by Kristy A. Wright
© Kristy A. Wright

Thanks to style.

Stills, No. 0012.

Dominos, New York, 2006
Photography by Corren Conway
© Forever 12

Thanks to dinner parties.

Stills, No. 0011.

J*DaVeY, Los Angeles, 2004
Photography by Tiana Oliver
© Tiana Oliver

Thanks to prom dates.

Stills, No. 0010.

Platinum Pied Pipers, New York, 2004
Photography by Jati Lindsay
© Jati Lindsay

Thanks to Leicas.

Stills, No. 0009.

Jack Davey & Filth, New York, 2006
Photography by Human
© Human Photography

Thanks to birthdays.

Stills, No. 0008.

Mike Baker The Bike Maker, San Francisco, 2006
Photography by Filth
© Black Soap Palace

Thanks to Milk.

Stills, No. 0007.

Swanky Fiesta, San Francisco, 2006
Photography by Clayton Hauck
© EveryoneIsFamous.com

Thanks to $500 a plate parties.

Stills, No. 0006.

Donwill of Tanya Morgan, Detroit, 2006
Photography by Ken Williams

Thanks to Talk Boy Recordings, Dawg.

Stills, No. 0005.

P.S., Brooklyn, 2005
Photography by Filth
© Black Soap Palace

Thanks to 40s and cigs.

Stills, No. 0004.

JB & Elmo Boogie, Los Angeles, 2006
Photography by CobraSnake
© CobraSnake

Thanks to HIPSTERS.

Stills, No. 0003.

Breakfast Beetle, Florida, 2003
Photography by Meczilla
© Stope Method

Thanks to Mec's tour experience.


Stills, No. 0002.

Jack Davey, New York City, 2005
Photography by Jason Wallace
© URB Magazine

Thank you to my sticky fingers at the photoshoot.


Stills, No. 0001.

Checker Pool, Pittsburgh, 1949
Photography by Charles "Teenie" Harris
© Pittsburgh Courier Photographic Archives

Thank you to Ms. Bella for sending me this.


the tipping point v.

"the phrase tipping point, or angle of repose, is a sociological term that refers to that dramatic moment when something unique becomes common*."

everything about this seems to have been set up.
like it's all following a script.
it's all so weird.
but i can't complain.


*saying it's common is not a bad thing, it's just become a part of everyday life. a wonderful part of everyday life. at the end of the day it's not taken for granted and that's all that matters.


tonight i had my card pulled.
i take that pride shit way too far.
i mean yeah i want to make something of myself on my own sweat but accepting a helping hand is not a bad thing.
thank you, bella, for not lettin' me pull my typical bullshit.



my name is simon, and i like to do drAAAAwings.

these are OLD. about 10 years old. give or take a year or so. but after coming across these when i was painting and cleaning the house and after seeing donweezy's munni (thats plural. not really. but yeah, really.) its really made me want to add a few extra hours to my day so that i can draw, paint, build, whatever. i gotta make the time cause the bug is iiiiiiiiitching.


Sunday Morning Cuddling.

There is a 30 minute cuddle rule on sunday mornings.
Cause its the sabbath.
Jesus said so.



eleventeen random thoughts.

won. new hustle?
too. everyone is a sanger or a rapper!
tree. this weather has gotten out of hand. 67ยบ in november?? ridiculous. that being said, fuck a global warming, keep it coming!
foe. i hate tyrese gibson and i don't understand why he is still breathing.
phife. hearing a verse or song and knowing who that song/verse is about is weird. knowing that you're a part of the story is even weirder.
sex. god no.
seh'm. whoops apocalypse .. ridiculous.
ate. i want steak. bad. preferably from that spot that brook, bri and me ate at in spain.
nova. mia's baby walks it out.
tin. this sidekick2 is starting to fail on me. i need a new phone sooner than later.
eleventeen. you owe me breakfast .. brunch .. dinner .. a museum visit .. and a few more things that i can't remember right now. but you ain't payin'.

Sa Ra Creative Partners.

The "hype" has died down and about a week ago I started listening again. And while I still think that the initial craze was overblow because, no, they are not the second coming of parliament funkadelic. BUT they are pretty fuckin' dope. Just listen to this* and you'll see. AND if you don't agree, then go die.


*I'm sure some of y'all have heard this, so this isn't for you guys.