thank you nicky.

bella and i had the pleasure of shooting miss nicky today ..
here's a rough sneak preview (again, saving the grown stuff for the bigger project).
still need to go through the raws and edit but overall i think we have a ton of great shots.
thanks again, nicky!


goodbye shea.

thanks for the memories ..

and thanks to johan santana for pitching a gem.
who woulda thought a rainy day at shea would be so much fun.


my boo can shoot ..

and as always she explains things a bit better than i do.


best wedding dance ever ..

my cousin and his groomsmen (which included my insane brother) danced this at his wedding this weekend ..
wearing a tie and vest and no shirt.

i love my crazy family.

please support my homie isis ..

she'll be running the nike sf marathon and i'm super proud of her ..
so please give her a dollar or 2 or 300, as the $$ raised will go towards cancer research.
if you don't its because you hate life and freedom.


we're shooting again ..

and last thursday, the fantastic kami jones was a wonderful subject ..
here are a few of the safer shots (we're saving the others for a much bigger project).


naomi, hawaii, 1989.

i found this postcard* at junk and snatched it up right away. i turned the card over and it had this note written in silver marker ..

"I always loved this one of you!
May you never walk in the shadow of Linda again!
Love P x"

linda? linda evangelista, maybe? it made me curious about who'd written this postcard.
could it be written by one of naomi campbell's friends? maybe it'd gotten lost in a friends move or estate sale?
that'd be pretty dope.

but it would be even more interesting, and scary, if it'd been written by some crazy fan.
someone who swore they had some connection to naomi and felt the need to write a postcard that would never be mailed.

who knows .. it could be someone who wrote it to fuck with the poor sucker (me!) that found it.

regardless, i think its pretty damn interesting and its become my bookmark cause reading is more fun when naomi's helping.

*photographed by herb ritts and with proceeds from the sales of the card going to amfar


i'm watching season 1 for the 1st time ..
just wow.

i ain't naming no names ..

but to the young lady who decided that she wanted to tell me that i "don't understand the pain of 9/11" simply because i don't agree with all the bullshit tv coverage and lengthy memorial services .. fuck you.

i promised myself i wouldn't blog about 9/11 this year because i feel like everything about that day has been over exposed and exploited. but this shit has pissed me the fuck off.

mainly because i was there ..
mainly because i saw the second plane hit from less than a block away ..
mainly because i saw bodies hit the ground while you were watching them jump on tv ..
mainly because i was 3 blocks away when the towers fell ..
mainly because that day fucked up my head for a bit longer than i'd like to admit.

i don't think we need to forget the day or ignore it but there's beauty in subtly. we can honor people without turning the day into a fear circus. granted this is my opinion and it doesn't mean that i'm right. but its disrespectful to dismiss someone's opinion with "you don't understand" .. i swear this country and its citizens are really starting to wear on my damn nerves.

its sad that 9/11 doesn't seem to have taught us much.
learn from it ..
and maybe then we won't need 24 hours of repetitive coverage.

Linden & Van Siclen 001: Protect The Pole.

Today Charles Jones hit his head against the school's flagpole.

We've been playing Protect The Pole for about a month now and no matter how many times we get in trouble for it, nothing has been able to stop us. It started with about 6 of us but the game grew pretty quickly and today we had a good 20+ players. With that many players we can't be too surprised that someone finally got hurt.

Protect The Pole is a really simple game, all you need is two teams and a pole. One team protects the pole, the other team tries to touch the pole. I guess the game is like a mix of football and the charge on some medieval battle field ... minus the spears, swords, and sky full of arrows, but apparently not without the blood.

And believe me, there was a lot of blood. I didn't actually see when Charles hit, but I heard it. There was a loud bell sounding gong followed by a chorus of kids yelling "OOOOOOH!" and when I turned to look I saw was Charles, lying on the floor, folded into himself, holding his head ... blood dripping down his face. During math, Clarence told me that Charles tried to tackle him, missed and went right into the pole. "His head bounced off the pole like a basketball," Clarence said. That shit must have really hurt.

I'm still a bit weirded out at how quickly the mood changed after the accident. It's funny what it takes to get some kids attention. We've been getting to school about 30 minutes early just to play but now we're starting to rethink the whole thing. Maybe we should just start playing something safer, like basketball or some two hand touch, but that just doesn't seem to calm me down as much as Protect The Pole. We're gonna have to figure something out though cause I'm not trying to get suspended over this shit.

-filthygomez, early 90s.


pregnancy is beautiful ..

but pregnancy culture is bullshit.
i'll let her tell it tho ..
she has a way with words.


this shit is inspiring.

Izza Kizza -Hello from Izza Kizza on Vimeo.

i've always been in love with stop motion ..
i'm gonna get off the computer and start working on a short stop motion video.


watch fringe tonight or die.

starring my dear friend jasika nicole and some other people that i've never met.

so yeah ..
watch fringe tonight ..
fox, 8pm.


tonight's playlist.

Didn't I (Scrabble Remix) - Darondo
Riding High - Faze-O
Drivin' Down The Freeway - Outlawz Feat. Young Buck & Dion
Get On The Dancefloor - Poly
Melody - Serge Gainsbourg
Comic Strip - Serge Gainsbourg
Loose Rap - Aaliyah
La Da Da Dee - Arthur Lewis
02_00 - Nhmiah Su
Make It With You - Ralfi Pagan
Get Me Inside - Tanya Morgan
Funny Funk - George Duke
March to the Witch's Castle - Funkadelic
14 Crumblin' Erb - Outkast
Bus Stops - The Nonce
Catch a falling star - Francoise Hardy
Daykeeper - The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah
The Weight - Smith
Some L.A. Niggaz - Dr. Dre
It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
We Can Freak It - Kurupt
New Bed - Benny Sings
Buy U A Drank (Aw Snap/Muhsinah Remix) T-Pain featuring Young Joc
Grind On - Sleepy's Theme
Let's Make The Water Turn Black - Frank Zappa
Who Is It - Talking Heads
Tentative Decisions - Talking Heads
Forever - Little Dragon
Silly Pop Song - Arthur Lewis
Constant Suprises - Little Dragon
After The Rain - Little Dragon
Say It (Over and Over Again) - John Coltrane
Dance this Mess Around - The B-52's
Safe & Sound - DJ Quik
Stacey Adams - Snoop Dogg feat Kokane
Wrong Idea - Snoop Dogg feat Bad Azz & Kokane

between monday night football, comic convos, twittin' and talking to mec i listened to tunes.
fun night.
time for bed.