Bilal & The Witness Protection Program - Since I've Been Loving You

from the okayplayer holiday party ..
thanks to ahmir for the audio & brainchild for the video.
splicing the video and audio together wasn't as complicated as i thought it would be.


No Country For Old Men

so last night we headed out to see No Country For Old Men. and while it really wasn't what i was expecting, it was still good as hell tho, and javier bardem is TERRIFYING as anton chigurh. the story really plays out on some "this world isn't what i remember it" shit .. it got me thinking about how time passes us by .. how we evolve as a people and how those of us that don't end up left behind, kinda like those older folk who don't know shit about computers so they find it hard as hell to fit into a work force that they've spent their entire lives in. and anton plays the role of the computer. its actually kinda sad and beautiful at the same time. some of the movies i've seen as of late have been really disappointing so it felt good to go see a movie and come out not only satisfied but thinking.

but the more that i think about it, between this movie and jurnee smollett i'm gonna be hollering at aarp sooooon.

jurnee smollett is my anton chigurh!

um ..

can someone please tell me when jurnee smollett grew up??

i can't even concentrate on how she's lookin' pretty damn good ..
all i see is my youth ..

i'm officially old.


film list.

i'm throwing this up here as a checklist for myself. i need to see these before the winter is gone and i figure this is as good a place as any to keep a reminder for myself (bookmark!). i came across the list i started in textedit and realized that i need to put it some place more visible because i hadn't opened the file in over a month. i'm sure i need a late pass for some of these which is good cause i can just netflix em and get them out of the way (black sheep viewing next week yo!). plus i want to start going to the movies more and planning those trips better, like that couple we met at imax when we went to see beowulf that brought ice cream and sushi with them from outside the theater (i'm brangin' popeyes to the angelika son!). with netflix and a few theater visits this list shouldn't be very difficult to run through.

but also, while i coulda just put up a list of movie names i figured i'd share so that y'all could peep the trailers.

ok, bed time.



Lust, Caution

There Will Be Blood


Into The Wild

American Gangster

Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly

La Vie En Rose

The Orphanage


Lars & The Real Girl

Gone Baby Gone

Sweeney Todd

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

I'm Not There

Charlie Wilson's War

The Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Eastern Promises


City Of Men

Chicago 10


Funny Games



Mr. Untouchable


Across The Universe

Be Kind Rewind


Right At Your Door


1408 & transformers.

so we got 1408 from netflix today ..
we'd been curious about it since it was released in theaters but never got around to seeing it.
um ..
this movie was terrible.

fuck horror movies yo ..
they're usually a let down.

we got transformers a couple of days ago ..
i hadn't been interested cause tyrese is in it and he annoys me.
but i finally got around to seeing it and i can't front ..
i enjoyed it.
yeah the acting sucked and the story was eh ..
but it was loud and loud and loud ..
and there were soooooo many explosions ..
and it was transformers!
that megan fox girl is sexy in a biker/tattoo artist's girlfriend kinda way.
i bet she knows all the best dive bars.


i am legend.

we went to see it last night ..
it was cool.
it was kinda 28 days later-ish ..
but not as good.
it was better than 28 weeks later, tho ..
then again, its not hard to top that shitty movie.
will was PREPARED tho ..
yeah ..
i dug i am legend ..
even with the predictable ending.


cheers to dr buzzard & kid creole.

dr buzzards original savannah band debuted in 1976 with a self titled album that is one of my favorites of all time (i'll play the fool, hard times, cherchez la femme, sunshowers .. how can you go wrong??). thomas browder aka august darnell aka kid creole and andy hernandez aka coati mundi would end up leaving the band after 3 albums and started kid creole & the coconuts, another one of my favorite bands.

so yeah, all that typing just to say "check out the videos" ..



gutta sent me a link to www.sugardaddyforme.com and while the shit is hilarious .. it can't be real .. can it?

come to think of it ..
why am i questioning it?
people are crazy.


the machine girl.

in the tradition of showing crazy over the top trailers on my blog is this wonderful lil ditty that mr spreadsheet sent me.

this looks absolutely ridiculous ..
i'm adding it, along with rambo part 98763 and black sheep, to my must see films list.
thank you to mr. spreadsheet.


i need a private jet, yo.

tm, che, spec, gutta ..
holla at me ..
lets go half on a jet yo.

yall got rap $$, right??


dear janice dickinson:

plastic surgery is not good.


R.I.P. Pimp C.

another talent gone ..
damn shame.
rest in peace pimp c.


Che Grand - Swing

1st single off Che's debut album Everything's Good Ugly (Due out 2008).

Give it a listen, shit is heatrock.

big doe rehab.

this is a beast of an album so go cop it today.
no download link ..
i'm hitting up the virgin megastore later today to snatch it up.


i missed the opening ..

and i'm really upset about it. i gotta go check it this weekend.


men to watch?

so miss deanna sutton, over at clutch magazine, thought enough of track, andreas and myself (and nine other cats) to include us in their december 12 black men to watch feature.

now ..
if you haven't notice ..
i'm actually latino (ssshhh, don't tell anyone).

i just think its dope that even if it is on some small scale, some of us are starting to blur the line.

like toya would say ..
"we all the same shit!"

why ..

.. did you kick that box spring?
.. did you enjoy that pickle so much?
.. did you tell that lady that her jacket would keep you warm all night?
.. did you tell the mexican guy that you thought he was selling dvds?
.. did you ask the big girl if she liked tortillas?
.. did you kick that box spring?


and why was that bag lady soooooooo gotdamn gangstEr?