eleventeen random thoughts.

wun. my hands smelled like lotion on the train ride home last night.
too. shortbus was good.
tree. the older i get the more i dislike spike lee films.
fore. i still love do the right thing tho .. and malcolm x.
phife. northern cali, brooklynati.
sex. no.
se'm. why did i watch diary of a mad black woman?
ate. max brenner's is heaven.
nove. can someone please tell shemar moore to stop breathing?
tin. why was jennifer beals so damn sexy in flashdance?
eleventeen. you ever wonder, that if life were a movie, what part would you be living right now? end? beginning? middle? i mean the movie doesn't necessarily have to show your whole life .. would your life be sequel worthy?


If I were a recording artist ..

.. I'd be Devin The Dude. I'm sitting here, at 4am, listening to "Just Tryin' Ta' Live" and "To Tha Extreme" and I gotta say, no matter how many times I hear this stuff it still strikes a nerve. Its so fun and so honest and soooo innapropriate .. And of course, with shit like Zeldar, its very weird. But if you know me then you know I embrace weird fun innapropriate shit that's an honest reflection of someone..

So if I were a recording artist, I'd definitely be Devin. If you don't get why then you need to go do your research and get up on it cause this music is as fly as they come.




Drive Slow, Homie.

We went into the Oakland Hills yesterday with Cheesecake Vic. Now only a
few of you will understand what that's like. Mittens and Spreadsheet get
it .. And now, Von Pea and Donwill do too. Up on these slim winding
roads. Doing 50-80 mph. Looking over a cliff on one side of the road.
Half with guard rails, half without.

"Shits scary son" © dave chappelle

Don was all up in the corner of the back seat, in the fetal position.
Von was visibly bothered but he ain't cry .. that much. All in all shit
was fun as hell and I only made the above face 2 or 3 times.

The moral of the story is that um ...

Uh ..

I forgot.

Hi Maria.



Press Skip.

So we got a chance to hear diddy's press play about a week ago and lawd lawd lawd. Its like listening to an album made by someone with a multiple personality disorder. Waaaaay too many unnatural flows in one album. His pharoahe monch flow on the future is painful to listen to. Now i know that quite a few people, from pharoahe to royce to common to black thought wrote on this album but does it have to sound so disjointed? i guess what i'm wondering is if he had to sound so much like the artist that wrote for him. if he couldn't have added his own flair to the flow so that it didn't sound like diddy copying a bunch of styles. It was just a very odd album to take in and while I'm not mad at it, I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to .. But that's not saying much.

I hope kingdom come is better.


Eleventeen Things I Miss About NYC.

Won. - Brevoort.
Too. - The family.
Tree. - Homies.
Fore. - Walking.
Phife. - My music.
Sex. - Yes.
Seh'm. - Layered clothing.
Ate. - Mama's home cookin'.
Nove. - Pizza!
Tin. - Autumn.
Eleventeen. - Broadway n Houston.




And of course a big thank you to Aileen and Rebeca @ Triple 5 Soul for
not only hooking me up with tons of T5S gear but for introducing me to
their SubScript line. Its a far cry from the T5S line and I'm loving it.
I had, as vasha would call it, the pussy pink hendrix vine shirt (which
I love!) but with this latest arrival of fits they've sent me distressed
materials which are dope as shit. It feels like second skin. Soft ass
fabrics and they fit fantastically. If I had my own streetwear line it'd
be kinda like this.

Now I want some boateng.



Thanks to Spanks and everyone at TRUE east, in walnut creek. Y'all are great and we appreciate the love and fits. Please skate thru the store whenever you're in the bay, y'all won't regret it.

Where y'all FIRST got fresh.


PS- Please .. Someone get me those orange, green and white bo jacksons!


I hate donwill's hat.

I hate it forever.
Fuck you donwill.