no water.

Why did I just walk into a lil corner grocery store and they didn't have any water but they had 2 fridges full of beers & malt likkas?
damn shame.



if you're in LA tonight ..

if you're on sunset boulevard ..

if you're near the viper room ..

if you happen to get their by 9pm ..

well then you MAY be one of the lucky kids to get this new exclusive j*DaVeY t-shirt.

designed by Sir Brook D'Leau and, yours truly, Mr Filthy Gomez

if you're not in LA for this show then i'm sorry.
it's only gonna be available at the viper room show. :(

big thank you to adrian martinez @ puma, on the help out.

"I like to think of Jesus in a Tuxedo T-Shirt. Because then it's like, I'm formal, but I came to party. That's how I am." © cousin frankie, via cal naughton jr.


oh kelis.

i used to have a bit of a crush on miss kelis but there were times when she'd look a damn mess. now, sure, everyone has an off day .. but celebrity crushes aren't realistic, so my expectations of damn near perfection from my celebrity crushes don't have to be realistic either. i saw these photos on socialite life (Bella and Bri got me semi-hooked on these damn sites) and they were the perfect example of how bad kelis can look at times.

but, Bella sent me these photos (which were posted on pop bytes) from her flaunt magazine shoot and LAWD does she look good in these. kelis, i heart you sometimes. but just sometimes.

this post wasn't about anything. just about being shallow and objectifying women.



"I heard she only homewrecks when she's provoked"
© lady on smith st, brooklyn.

I love the random craziness you hear in new york.


¡¡ party time, excellent !!

i'm salty i missed this party.

i can't wait to hit the bay again.


Re: Re: If I were a lesbian ..

an email exchange between donwill and me.

"Re: Re: If I were a lesbian ..

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 10:06 am, Filthy Gomez wrote:
I'd wanna be Ellen DeGeneres.

Word up.

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 10:16 am, Donald Williams wrote:
random as fuck but so right.

porchia de rossi, fly ass kicks/fits and a mini empire.

make a nigga wanna tuck and tape."

exchanges between us get weirder, and mo' ignorant, by the day.


GB & Ricci Rucker are Poly

another set of cats i met in my travels to los angeles. Poly is made up of producers GB (who co produced J*DaVeY's privateparts) and Ricci Rucker. Please peep the link for some fun shit.


saturday brunch.

we're sitting here, in chelsea ..
at blue moon ..
bellies full.
huevos rancheros w/ home fries for Bella.
fajitas y huevos w/ steak & home fries for me.
$4 unlimited mimosas ..
I've had five & half, so far ..
Bella's on three & half.

and we're headed to chelse market next ..
tipsy as hell.

where are jasika & claire or bri when we need 'em?


i have a new blog ..

and in that new blog i'll be organizing some of the mess in my head.
but i'll still be doing stuff here too.
mostly the art stuff.

i want some onion rings ..

.. BAD.

big thank you ..

to joebuck and elucid for the threads. i'mma be nicely fitted for the summer time.


First Listen.04.11.2007

Today I will listen these albums for the 1st time ..

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5.55
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She was on the cover of The Fader, which isn't a good sign for me, cause I rarely get around to listening to stuff that makes the cover of The Fader. BUT she is the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, who I love, so I guess I could give it a shot.

El P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead
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I've liked VERY little that has come out of the Def Jux camp (I HATED The Cold Vein, but I do like some RJD2 and I DO love Deep Space 9mm ) but with all the ranting and raving that this album has been getting I figured I'd give it a shot.

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem (LATE PASS!)
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I first heard of LCD Soundsystem because of the 'Too Much Love' sample that Trackademicks and Mike Baker rocked on their 'Too Much'. I finally caved today after hearing about this album for almost 2 years. LCD Soundsystem's follow up 'Sound Of Silver' was released about a month ago so I guess I'll be getting to that one at some point in 2009.

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
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I have a few reason for listening to this album. First, it's Nine Inch Nails, and Trent Reznor is a beast. Second, Bill cosigned it. And last, but not least, it's Nine Inch Nails.

TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain (LATE PASS!)
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I remember picking up 'Young Liars' back in the winter of 2004 and really enjoying it. Then I remember picking up 'Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes' in the summer of 2004 and realizing that these dudes were pretty fuckin' dope. Two years later they release 'Return To Cookie Mountain' to critical aclaim, so I have finally given in to the hype.

Mark Ronson - Version
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Back in October, during CMJ, Mark played 'Stop Me' and 'Toxic' for Trackademicks, Tap, Mike Baker and me. I can't front, I loved 'Toxic' but I can barely remember 'Stop Me'. BUT, after listening to the Amy Winehouse it sparked an interest in Ronson's production. So I'll be giving this a whirl today.

Knowing me, I'll prolly have some bullshit to say about most of these albums ..
Maybe I'll talk about 'em tomorrow.




A big congrats to my homies Tanya Morgan for their Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival appearance.

photo credit: jati lindsay

James Casebere and Lorna Simpson

I first read about art couple James Casebere and Lorna Simpson in the New York Times back in September. and after seeing their gorgeous new studio in Fort Greene, designed by David Adjaye, i did a bit of research. I wasn't bloggin' much back then so I didn't share but last weekend they were featured in T: Style Magazine and it reminded me that I hadn't shared yet. So, below are photos to their Fort Greene studio and some links with some work and biographies.

On: Lorna Simpson.
Work: Lorna Simpson.
On: James Casebere.
Work: James Casebere.

Also, Lorna has an exhibit at the Whitney which runs thru may 6th.


barker black ltd.

Biker cross & skullbones meets classic haberdashery.

They specialize in ties, pocket squares, suspenders and, of course, shoes.

I'm loving it.

barker black
198B Elizabeth Street
(between Prince & Spring)