greatest halloween costumes evAr.

n.icky as pregnant kristy.

donwill as me.

i died laughing when i saw this mess hahahaha ..




elucid, summer 2008

spank pops, fall 2008

n.icky (of heavy), fall 2008

moonshine, fall 2008

diz gibran, fall 2008

*click photos to enlarge.

killing pablo/che.

i've been looking forward to the soderbergh/del toro film for damn near 10 years now and seeing the trailer has me amped as hell. and the fact that its over 4 hours long and has been split into 2 films is even more exciting. AND benicio won best actor at cannes for che. so um yeah .. i'm ready for this damn movie.

i'm gonna have to dust off john lee anderson's biography again .. can't remember the last time i read it.

i was also a bit juiced about javier bardem (as pablo escobar) and christian bale (as major steve jacoby) starring in killing pablo but now i'm reading that bardem is denying those rumors and that edgar ramirez is going to play escobar. personally i've always thought that alfred molina could be a dope escobar.

i just hope it doesn't take nearly a decade to get killing pablo done .. AND i definitely hope its not some corny nod to scarface cause the story is way too good to fuck up.


dj quik is underrated.

chauvinist pig?
shit talker?
dope emcee?
hell yes.

too short's been honored ..
quik should be too.

and if you don't agree ..
"before I nut I shoot some piss in your face" © quik


thank you briana ..

between last weekend's baby shower and spending this week sick like a dog, i haven't had much time to edit the last shoot we did (i'll have those to you soon nicky!). but i'm feeling damn near 100% now and we decided to get together for a bit of shooting. lots of editing to get done but i'm excited about the final look. so far the project's going pretty good.

thanks bri!


thanks to all that came out ..

thanks to sean for the photos.
thanks to napoleon & katherine for driving from north carolina.
thanks to von & don for flying back from touring in time for the shower.
thanks to bri for surprising us all the way from los angeles.
thanks to monica & bj for trekking it from dc.
thanks to derreck for the wings.
a BIG thanks to toya (don't worry about the figs boo!) and royan (feel better dude!) for the grub.
and HUGE thanks to tara and anton for planning everything from invites to wine selection!

thanks to all of our friends who made it out ..
our little boy is blessed to have so many wonderful folk ready to greet him into the world.

and of course ..
thank you for all the gifts!


che grand - everything's good ugly

the music industry can be an ugly beast and right now its really putting my close friend and brother from another mother, che grand, through it.

i've had the pleasure of hearing a good amount of tracks from che's everything's good ugly and the album is impressive. it's a damn shame that this album hasn't hit stores yet but we can make a difference. thanks to rock the dub, and with the support of von pea & 2 dope boyz, a petition has been started to help get this album out to the masses.

sign it and lets work on getting this album the exposure it deserves cause trust me, y'all wanna here this.

and che, hold your head ..
we love you man.

elucid - police & thieves

elucid - police & thieves

support the homie elucid ..
or i'm sending someone after you.


shut up and enjoy 001.


the homie kenny fresh (and bling 47 solider) shares his library of tunes with the word ..
and in turn makes sunday afternoon cleaning bearable.


clutch, october issue.

the new issue is up ..
check out interviews with john legend and kid sister (interviewed by yours truly) ..
and of course our lil jerk column, baby what do you think?.

read it now damnit!