eleventeen random thoughts.

won. new hustle?
too. everyone is a sanger or a rapper!
tree. this weather has gotten out of hand. 67º in november?? ridiculous. that being said, fuck a global warming, keep it coming!
foe. i hate tyrese gibson and i don't understand why he is still breathing.
phife. hearing a verse or song and knowing who that song/verse is about is weird. knowing that you're a part of the story is even weirder.
sex. god no.
seh'm. whoops apocalypse .. ridiculous.
ate. i want steak. bad. preferably from that spot that brook, bri and me ate at in spain.
nova. mia's baby walks it out.
tin. this sidekick2 is starting to fail on me. i need a new phone sooner than later.
eleventeen. you owe me breakfast .. brunch .. dinner .. a museum visit .. and a few more things that i can't remember right now. but you ain't payin'.

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