movie night!

so tonight don, von, che, spec, gutta, my brother jon, kristy and i sat around, ate pizza, the fellas drank arbor mist* and we watched Black Sheep.


its as bad as it looks and i loved every second of it.

afterwards we saw Happiness cause jon and kristy hadn't see it yet. those 2 hours were just as uncomfortable as the first time i saw it.

all in all a funny and interesting evening.

*which one of you shameful mofos brought arbor mist to my birthday party??


Pea! said...

arbor mist >>> cristal

start with straight shots, and then pop bottles!

i had 2 shots of arbor mist so you KNOW im gonna have the crazy hangover in the morn.

Donald Williams said...

nigga fuck that chris, i take shots of the mist/ and fall out after three hours of bangin ya bitch

fam... we gonna do a song about the mist. it gets a bad rap

sophistiphunk said...

arbor mist? really?
that is the stuff desperate housewives are made of. O.C.!!!

Angie said...

BWAHAHAHA @ "which one of you shameful mofos brought arbor mist to my birthday party??"

donnie jr. said...


(that's in reference to both movies)

teanickeldime said...

no one. that arbor mist has been in that house since a certain new year's MANY years ago
i know who brought it too

FireBrand said...

Happy bornday, playboi. Next time don't let 'em cats in the door with that mess. lol.

Che Grand said...

i drank my mist with GOOSE!

Donald Williams said...

fam we made a new drank

the misty goose


shit i needs a misty goose right abotu now

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

yessss, we are always looking for movies like this to drink arbor mist too, thanks!