Stills, No. 0023-0032

Stills, No. 0023

Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick, New York, Unknown
Photography by David McCabe
© David McCabe

Thanks to The Factory.

Stills, No. 0024

Soraya "Baby Grand", Harlem, 2006
Photography by Uche Anosike
© Uche Anosike

Thanks to Ya-ya n Pa-pa.

Stills, No. 0025

Thom Yorke, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Danny Clinch
© Danny Clinch

Thanks to Her favorites.

Stills, No. 0026

Gael Garcia Bernal, Unknown, 2004
Photography by David LaChapelle

Thanks to Celluloid.

Stills, No. 0027

Jason Schwartzman, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Nigel Parry
© Creative Photographer's Inc.

Thanks to Saturdays.

Stills, No. 0028

Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat, New York, 1985
Photography by Michael Halsband
© Michael Halsband

Thanks to Inspiration.

Stills, No. 0029

Grace Jones, New York, 1978
Photography by Jean-Paul Goude
© Jean-Paul Goude

Thanks to lil graciejones .. for no good reason .. just thanks.

Stills, No. 0030

Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1988
Photography by Walter Iooss Jr
© Walter Iooss Jr

Thanks to childhood memories.

Stills, No. 0031

Iman, New York, 2004
Photography by Mark Seliger
© Mark Seliger

Thanks to Ageless Beauty.

Stills, No. 0032

Lost, Manila, 2006
Photography by Paolo Lim
© supersteady.org

Thanks to Patience.

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