Stills, No. 0033-0040

Stills, No. 0033

Self Portrait (in Drag), New York, 1981
Photography by Andy Warhol
© The Guggenheim Museum

Thanks to Legends.

Stills, No. 0034

Model on Orange Sofa, France, 1978
Photography by Guy Bourdin
© The Guy Bourdin Estate

Thanks to second chances.

Stills, No. 0035

Monica Bellucci, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Jean Baptiste Modino
© Jean Baptiste Modino

Thanks to Diggin'.

Stills, No. 0036

Naomi Campbell, London, 2006
Photography by Nick Knight
© SHOWStudio

Thanks to Bourdin.

Stills, No. 0037

New Year's Eve, Chicago, 2000
Photography by Donnie Seal Jr
© Donnie Seal Jr

Thanks to Family.

Stills, No. 0038

Barbed Wire, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Anna Keenan
© Anna Keenan

Thanks to Amp.

Stills, No. 0039

Put 'Em Up, Unknown, Unknown
Photography by Embry Rucker
© Embry Rucker

Thanks to Trace.

Stills, No. 0040

Curt of Flosstradamus, Los Angeles, 2007
Photography by Richard Kim
© blinkofaniproductions.com

Thanks to AM's B'day.

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