why didn't i get my name on this flyer????

cause i'm a dumbass.

about a month ago aaron lacrate hit me up about gettin' my folk together for his and mark ronson's birthday bash. he wanted trackademicks & family for the show and i was more than happy to set it up on our end. thru all the planning i never thought that the show was 3 days before my birthday. i never thought about promoting this as my birthday too. not a once. prolly cause my head was so far from thinking about my birfday and parties. but oh well, the important thing is that 1/2 of my bay area folk will be coming out to nyc to rock with aaron, mark & company.

so if you're in nyc, please come out and have a good ol' time with us ..
and buy me a pre-birthday drink!

anyway, here's the details:
aaron lacrate & mark ronson birthday "jump off"

@ love, 179 macdougal at 8th street

with aaron lacrate & mark ronson on the wun's & too's

featuring a live performance by ..
miss josie stingray
with dj tap.10 on the help out.

also featuring ..
busy p
seb chew
leo greenslade


aeon? said...

that woulda been awesome kiko.

Mittens said...

Tuesday... i'll see what we can do.

E said...

pffff.... photoshop your name in... act like it was always there... and then pass out those flyers.

problem solved.

Sandy said...

Stories of Ignorance... to come shortly.

I'm very very sure.

Or videos of Darren's Dance Grooves Pt. 2.

disappointed said...

i was there last night. yall killed it. i was the dude in the crayola hat fixing mark and aaron's computers.