so i finally got around to watching persepolis. i was really excited when i first saw the trailer but for some reason we didn't really go to the movies last winter. that turned out to be a good thing because in the spring ms nicole let me borrow the graphic novels that the movie was based on. both books were great reads so naturally it made me even more excited about the movie. fast forward to earlier this week, checking the mail and boom .. netflix sends persepolis (sidebar: am i the only one who gets excited whenever i see that damn red netflix envelope?). all that to say that i loved the film. its equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking and the animation is gorgeous. this should be required viewing for kids all across this selfish twisted country, maybe then some of us would realize that we all go through missteps, confusion and heartache regardless of how or where we grow up.

so yeah ..
persepolis ..
check it out.


sophistiphunk said...


donnie said...

I'll check it out.
Yo, add me to your list.

filthygomez said...

you're on the list man ..
you've been towards the top for a minute now.