rip isaac & jerry.

from hot buttered soul to the memphis sounds to i'm gonna git you sucka to south park, isaac definitely had his hand in not only music, but popular culture as a whole. i was a bit shocked when i heard the news of his passing .. he was still very young, just 65, so i thought he'd be around for quite some time.

finding out jerry wexler passed away hit me in a different way .. i'd never met the man or even spoken to him but over the last few years he'd become a good friend of my boy buddy. through buddy i came to gain a new respect for the man that helped shape the careers of aretha franklin and ray charles, who signed led zeppelin and who produced albums for bob dylan and carlos santana .. not to mention that he turned atlantic records into a powerhouse. he left us at the tender age of 91 .. now that's a full life.

interesting tidbit: at one point stax, homes of hayes, was being dsitributed by wexler's atlantic records.

its sad when our icons are taken away from us but if we learn from them and keep their voices alive, have we truly lost them?

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