eleventeen random things & thoughts.

won. today's the due date. peanut's a hip hop baby so its his release date. but being a hip hop baby prolly means he'll be late.

too. shot elucid's police & thieves cover, che grand's breakfast @ wimbledon, kami jones' pumps and now kristy & i shot donwill's high fidelity

tree. i'm dying to lay on a warm beach.

fore. the giants are the best team in football. fuck a titan. i hope they can stay on course till feb 1st.

phife. listening to raekwon's only built for cuban linx is bringing back memories.

sex. i'm loving ellen von unwerth's revenge & wicked.

lucky. man up yo. seriously. you're grown .. supposedly.

ate. fried chicken, mac n cheese, greens, yams, cornbread

nova. i hope this car industry bail out comes with a responsibility to make smarter cars.

tin. i need a projector in my life.

eleventeen. kristy's become my hero. the way she's met the challenges of pregnancy with style and grace has me in awe of her. she's going to be an amazing mother.

*photo from von unwerth's revenge.


Ouxu said...

peanut where are you?

ms. swifty said...

i checked out the wicked & revenge series.. whaaaaaaaat?! fantastic. thanks for puttin' me on, lovey.