end of an era?

a couple of years ago i was lucky enough to spend a nice bit of time with ahmir & tariq of the roots. back in those days i was working with j*davey and they were a big help in getting the name out. i grew to gain a lot of respect, not only for what they do, but for who they are and how they treatied three kids trying to make something happen in the ugly music world.

tonight i saw this video and i was both thrilled and saddened. of course, the sad part is purely selfish. there was a certain comfort in knowing that if i ever needed my faith restored in the power of a great live hip hop show all i had to do was go to a roots show and even on a bad day i'd enjoy myself. i've seen them live so many times and from so many angles. from backstage at radio city music hall, kool haus in toronto and house of blues in los angeles to nose bleed at the apollo with cuban hip hop all stars to central park's summerstage .. and i've never grown tired of their performance.

but on the other end, i'm happy. its a great opportunity and i wish them nothing but the best. the nation exposure and a way of breaking out of the rut that touring can become is pretty dope. i've been on a handful of tours and that was enough for me to know that i couldn't live a life on the road, so i can't help but respect what they do.

so to ahmir, tariq and company ..
y'all may never read this but my best to you on your new journey.

and thank you for the hard work and dedication.

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