thanks to all that came out ..

thanks to sean for the photos.
thanks to napoleon & katherine for driving from north carolina.
thanks to von & don for flying back from touring in time for the shower.
thanks to bri for surprising us all the way from los angeles.
thanks to monica & bj for trekking it from dc.
thanks to derreck for the wings.
a BIG thanks to toya (don't worry about the figs boo!) and royan (feel better dude!) for the grub.
and HUGE thanks to tara and anton for planning everything from invites to wine selection!

thanks to all of our friends who made it out ..
our little boy is blessed to have so many wonderful folk ready to greet him into the world.

and of course ..
thank you for all the gifts!


angie said...

AWWWWW! Yall look great! Esp. you, Bella! : )

E said...

that's whats up... looks like y'all had fun. congrats

Youngest MILF said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love how there were numerous poked out booty pictures.. There's always time for booty shots.

donnie said...

Again, congrats to the both of you. Such a blessing.