dj quik is underrated.

chauvinist pig?
shit talker?
dope emcee?
hell yes.

too short's been honored ..
quik should be too.

and if you don't agree ..
"before I nut I shoot some piss in your face" © quik


angie said...

Word. Always been a Quik supporter!

E said...

Hell yeah! Quik has always been nice - both as a producer and emcee. Yeah his content isn't for everyone, but he has made some of the funkiest music in Hip Hop. He definitely needs to be honored.

BrOoK said...

thank you

teedreamlog said...

my dad likes him

filthygomez said...

teedreamlog ..
your dad is awesome.

Kam*star said...

you know i feel you son (sun)!