killing pablo/che.

i've been looking forward to the soderbergh/del toro film for damn near 10 years now and seeing the trailer has me amped as hell. and the fact that its over 4 hours long and has been split into 2 films is even more exciting. AND benicio won best actor at cannes for che. so um yeah .. i'm ready for this damn movie.

i'm gonna have to dust off john lee anderson's biography again .. can't remember the last time i read it.

i was also a bit juiced about javier bardem (as pablo escobar) and christian bale (as major steve jacoby) starring in killing pablo but now i'm reading that bardem is denying those rumors and that edgar ramirez is going to play escobar. personally i've always thought that alfred molina could be a dope escobar.

i just hope it doesn't take nearly a decade to get killing pablo done .. AND i definitely hope its not some corny nod to scarface cause the story is way too good to fuck up.

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ms. swifty said...

oh i'm all types of excited about this. let's get a sitter lined up NOW. :)