If I were a recording artist ..

.. I'd be Devin The Dude. I'm sitting here, at 4am, listening to "Just Tryin' Ta' Live" and "To Tha Extreme" and I gotta say, no matter how many times I hear this stuff it still strikes a nerve. Its so fun and so honest and soooo innapropriate .. And of course, with shit like Zeldar, its very weird. But if you know me then you know I embrace weird fun innapropriate shit that's an honest reflection of someone..

So if I were a recording artist, I'd definitely be Devin. If you don't get why then you need to go do your research and get up on it cause this music is as fly as they come.




Geezie said...

Lac'ville 79....

Anonymous said...

you gon love #8 on egu then.. (hopefully)