Drive Slow, Homie.

We went into the Oakland Hills yesterday with Cheesecake Vic. Now only a
few of you will understand what that's like. Mittens and Spreadsheet get
it .. And now, Von Pea and Donwill do too. Up on these slim winding
roads. Doing 50-80 mph. Looking over a cliff on one side of the road.
Half with guard rails, half without.

"Shits scary son" © dave chappelle

Don was all up in the corner of the back seat, in the fetal position.
Von was visibly bothered but he ain't cry .. that much. All in all shit
was fun as hell and I only made the above face 2 or 3 times.

The moral of the story is that um ...

Uh ..

I forgot.

Hi Maria.



amp.jones said...

you'se a fool.

Anonymous said...

tell vic i said hey.....and that i want his whole music library and another cheesecake...please.