Press Skip.

So we got a chance to hear diddy's press play about a week ago and lawd lawd lawd. Its like listening to an album made by someone with a multiple personality disorder. Waaaaay too many unnatural flows in one album. His pharoahe monch flow on the future is painful to listen to. Now i know that quite a few people, from pharoahe to royce to common to black thought wrote on this album but does it have to sound so disjointed? i guess what i'm wondering is if he had to sound so much like the artist that wrote for him. if he couldn't have added his own flair to the flow so that it didn't sound like diddy copying a bunch of styles. It was just a very odd album to take in and while I'm not mad at it, I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to .. But that's not saying much.

I hope kingdom come is better.


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Anonymous said...

The fun part about the album is guessing who wrote what, i'll probably blog my list soon. I dont think the album is that bad, it feels weird to hear him on some actual good shit. That special feeling song has been stuck in my head all day.