eleventeen random thoughts.

wun. my hands smelled like lotion on the train ride home last night.
too. shortbus was good.
tree. the older i get the more i dislike spike lee films.
fore. i still love do the right thing tho .. and malcolm x.
phife. northern cali, brooklynati.
sex. no.
se'm. why did i watch diary of a mad black woman?
ate. max brenner's is heaven.
nove. can someone please tell shemar moore to stop breathing?
tin. why was jennifer beals so damn sexy in flashdance?
eleventeen. you ever wonder, that if life were a movie, what part would you be living right now? end? beginning? middle? i mean the movie doesn't necessarily have to show your whole life .. would your life be sequel worthy?


amp.jones said...

did you put lotion on your hands on the train ride home? If not, you've got some miracle lotion smellin' hands, dontcha?

and as for why J.Beals is so sexy in Flashdance, see your answer to

What do I know though.

Hate you much, love


filthy said...

filthy said...
i, and every other human with a healthly or unhealthy set of eyes, disagrees you with .. wholeheartedly.

she was sexy ..

damn sexy.

you're a lie ..

a damn lie.

amp.jones said...


So defensive...