vans + marc jacobs = fun.

yeah yeah ..
i know these have been out and about for a bit now, but i don't own a pair yet and i can't stop admiring them.
so if you plan on gettin' me a gift just slide me a pair of marc's 3rd season of vans.

bella and i plan on taking a couple of weekend trips this spring/summer ..
i kinda wanna pick this billy kirk weekend bag, or something like it, up for those short trips.

i mean, who wants to carry a suitcase for a 2-3 day trip?

ok ..
that's all for now.


Chaz said...

i hate how vans look on my feet but the ones in the first pic are dope.

& said...

this comment has nothing to do with vans or the bag, although I too am plotting to get an overnighter like the one you've shown... 'cause it's just so secksy {secksier for fellas}

I digress... this has to do with Ann Curry in your list o' blogs read.

She whispers the entries in your ear, in your mind, doesn't she?

{back to my ol' snarky ways}