I love LA.

Last spring, Brook, Jack and I rolled to a photoshoot for 8.5 Magazine. At that photoshoot I met a group of cats who we ended up kickin' it with for the remainder of the day. We all talked shit about music, gear, and women between shots and ended up rollin' to Roscoe's afterwards. At that point these cats were just cool folk but in the next few days i'd get my ears on some of their music and I really began to see a whole new side to the LA hip hop scene. For the remainder of the spring, and in through the summer, our paths would cross on quite a few occasions and I became a big fan of what these cats were doing.
Today, I'm going through some music and I realized that i hadn't really shared with too many people. So please, take some time to listen to these cats cause they're definitely folk to keep an eye/ear on.

Pacific Division

Diz Gibran

Bleu Collar



Angie said...

Yay! Pacific Division is pretty dope....

Sherisa said...

best part of this post:
the hyperlink to Roscoe's.

everyone thanks you.
(even us vegetarians)