i recently bought 2 books..

a clockwork orange by anthony burgess


the dangerous book for boys by conn & hal iggulden

i don't think i have to sell anyone on a clockwork orange. it's a classic book & a classic film which i'm sure a ton of you have heard about. the thing that i'm loving about this book is the language. burgess literally put together an entire "language" - called nadsat - that's spoken by alex and his lackies. nadsat is a mix of slavic, cockney, russian, gypsy and words that burgess invented. reading this book has not been easy but it definitely has not been difficult, it's kinda like traveling to a place where people speak english but with their own flair - it takes a sec to pick up on some of what's being said but when you get it, you fall in love with the word play. my emcee homies need to give this shit a shot.

the dangerous book for boys is already one of my favorite books ever. its basically a mini encyclopedia for the mischievous and curious boy in all of us. it speaks on everything from making a paper airplane to the golden age of piracy to making a battery and answers age old questions that kids ask, like "why is the sky blue?" it even has a section on understanding girls which is hilarious. every litle boy - and a few of the "grown" men that i know - needs this book and everything on the essential gear list (swiss army knife, compass, handkerchief, box of matches, small flashlight, band-aids, etc.) that comes in the book. there's only a lil bit of summer left but best believe i'm gonna be using the instructions on how to make a bow and arrow that are in this book before the cold weather hits us. wish Bella luck cause i can feel a few child-like accidents coming on SOON.

ok, off to bed i go ..
go read a damn book please.



isis said...

batteries. woo hoo.

beau said...

@ The Dangerous Book For Boys
Sounds interesting. Must check this out.

the_capital_t said...

The Dangerous Book for Boys is dope.

I was glad they added handkerchief to the essential uniform of any decent dude.

sophistiphunk said...

books are neat!
i'm currently reading one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcía márquez. pretty much everyone in the world has already read it. so when i try to tell people all about it they just nod, like, 'i know'.
but oh golly! it's delicious.

oyadele said...

salt, pepper, ketchup & hot sauce!!!

hope you had a wonderful birthday festivus, homie.

Improvian said...

Is that copy of Clockwork the complete version with 21 chapters?

I always said I was going to read it, but well...yeah...

Filthy said...

yeah it is the version with the full 21 chapters.
this book is a damn beast man ..

ek said...

dangerous book is at the top of my list. sweet you picked it up.