in 1995, i loved ..

this song ..

dc stand up!


Mittens said...

How had I forgotten about this!?!?!?

Thank ye very much!

david said...

this is classic!
looking thru my cassette tapes right now

Trish said...

why did EVERYONE move their arms like that? regardless of the style of rap/hip hop? to only think this was 1995. that's 12 years ago....*sigh*....already.


Superbizzee said...

Yeah, this one was dope as hell, but it didn't manage to blow my city up. Most groups from the DC area had minor success in the 90s, but didn't get huge (can you say Nonchalant, Shai, Born Jamericans?). Questionmark Asylum was like the East Coast version of Pharcyde.