naomi, hawaii, 1989.

i found this postcard* at junk and snatched it up right away. i turned the card over and it had this note written in silver marker ..

"I always loved this one of you!
May you never walk in the shadow of Linda again!
Love P x"

linda? linda evangelista, maybe? it made me curious about who'd written this postcard.
could it be written by one of naomi campbell's friends? maybe it'd gotten lost in a friends move or estate sale?
that'd be pretty dope.

but it would be even more interesting, and scary, if it'd been written by some crazy fan.
someone who swore they had some connection to naomi and felt the need to write a postcard that would never be mailed.

who knows .. it could be someone who wrote it to fuck with the poor sucker (me!) that found it.

regardless, i think its pretty damn interesting and its become my bookmark cause reading is more fun when naomi's helping.

*photographed by herb ritts and with proceeds from the sales of the card going to amfar

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Jenny B. said...

dope. great find.