i ain't naming no names ..

but to the young lady who decided that she wanted to tell me that i "don't understand the pain of 9/11" simply because i don't agree with all the bullshit tv coverage and lengthy memorial services .. fuck you.

i promised myself i wouldn't blog about 9/11 this year because i feel like everything about that day has been over exposed and exploited. but this shit has pissed me the fuck off.

mainly because i was there ..
mainly because i saw the second plane hit from less than a block away ..
mainly because i saw bodies hit the ground while you were watching them jump on tv ..
mainly because i was 3 blocks away when the towers fell ..
mainly because that day fucked up my head for a bit longer than i'd like to admit.

i don't think we need to forget the day or ignore it but there's beauty in subtly. we can honor people without turning the day into a fear circus. granted this is my opinion and it doesn't mean that i'm right. but its disrespectful to dismiss someone's opinion with "you don't understand" .. i swear this country and its citizens are really starting to wear on my damn nerves.

its sad that 9/11 doesn't seem to have taught us much.
learn from it ..
and maybe then we won't need 24 hours of repetitive coverage.

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