thank you nicky.

bella and i had the pleasure of shooting miss nicky today ..
here's a rough sneak preview (again, saving the grown stuff for the bigger project).
still need to go through the raws and edit but overall i think we have a ton of great shots.
thanks again, nicky!


Hza said...


one soulful negro. said...

nicky is just so beautiful.
i really look forward to what yall are going to end up doing with these.

N.ick {of HEAVy} said...

VEry Very welcome.

Btw, thanks one soulful...

Tamikia said...

Yeah, these pictures are lovely. Portraits are starting to be my favorite form of photography. As soon as I save up enough for my dslr(only have a point-n-shoot) I will start with portraits. Thanks for sharing