pregnancy is beautiful ..

but pregnancy culture is bullshit.
i'll let her tell it tho ..
she has a way with words.


angie said...

Ima go post on her blog now, too. : )

Youngest MILF said...

awww... I remember them days. the sleeping part stuck out to me, because I remember nights Eric had to get in the most ridiculous positions around me and my giant belly just so that I could be "held" and be comfortable.

The most hilariously tragic part is that once the babies come, you'd give anything to be back to fat uncomfy and prego, because even though the sleep was not what it was pre-pregnancy, at least it was sleep...which is replaced by feedings, changings, and general worrying cooing and fretting about everything newborn.

But its all so worth it, because at the end of the day you've created two beautiful, wonderful lives, you've found forever, and you can see God and all that other parental cliche stuff. *sigh*

ps. ignore the use of the plural when referencing your singular baby. I'm sorry, I have a twin problem lol

Anonymous said...


I can't wait! Neither can my other half.... or Lil Mama I'm sure.

We lovvvvveeee you three... four plus "the bitch". ;)
Give her a big kiss for me.