eleventeen random things & thoughts [12.10]

won. we've started to buy baby clothes. we went out and bought peanut a houndstooth button down with a plaid bow tie that he's gonna rock for christmas with his creme cable knit cardigan and some denim .. oh and did i mention the blue bomber ( with the faux fur lined hood) we bought him?? i ALSO saw some baby wingtips that i may have to buy. lawd almighty .. my wallets in trouble.

too. peanut's 1am, 3am and 5am outbursts were really wearing on me but now i've started painting between feeding/changing. its been awhile since i painted .. i'd forgotten how relaxed it made me feel.

tree. so is all this clean coal talk just bullshit?

fore. nba 2k9 is pretty damn dope .. i haven't had this much fun with a basketball game in a minute.

phife. pfunk's cosmic slop, the stooges' i wanna be your dog, junior murvin's police & thieves and this lil snippet jahmal sent me are currently in super rotation.

sex. i usually dig my gals with a lil more meat on their bones but yasmin warsame & yordanos teshager are gawjuss.

lucky. i'm addicted to the national geographic channel, the discovery channel and anything with similar programming. i shall be watching journey to the edge of the universe tomorrow at 8pm.

ate. it's been an italian week. made pizza (with my own dough!) and lasagna. fresh mozzarella is where it's at .. i'm gonna try and make my own soon. and fuck sauce yo .. holler at some tomatoes.

nova. the ifc media project is pretty damn good.

tin. i want.

eleventeen. dear single moms. i've always had a respect for what you do but now i have a much bigger understanding of it all. the life of two parents is hard enough .. i couldn't imagine going at it alone. single moms are warriors.


angie said...

Fam. I gots that new Macbook. LAWD HAW MERCY!!!!
YAY, pics of E in his Chirmuh treads, please?! :)
Glad to hear yall are adjusting well! : )

Youngest MILF said...

*eleventeen* is so true.

And I want Christmas pictures. We'll exchange. Me and the Mr. and the twinlets are doing a family portrait for the new year. Shoot me an email with your addy and we'll send you and the nugget and momma one!

tia said...

i was wondering if you still painted. like just the other day.


I'm addicted to all that programming too. Journey to the edge of the universe was the shit... Wish I had recorded it!

I liked this post.
Love ya.

Chandra said...

Thanks for the single mom comment.