tonight i made 2 donuts ..

i was bored and watching tv and got a sudden fat boy craving for a donut.
so i looked up a recipe, readjusted it to make just 2 donuts (1st time doing it so i didnt want to fuck up a big batch) ..
and made a donut for kristy and a donut for me.

not too bad but i can tell the recipe is gonna need some tinkering.

ok, i'm gonna go enjoy my donut and watch family guy.

yay 2 donuts!


FireBrand said...

smh. All domesticated 'n shit.

one soulful negro. said...

i mean it looks good. i love me some donuts...so i mean...i just look forward to seeing the recipe at it's finest.

filthygomez said...

"How is it most resturants I frequent have male cooks.....but men aren't expected to throw down at home" © qoolquest

FireBrand said...

I mean, I can't front. I'm the best cook in this house. My wife will tell ya. I throw down.

Jenny B. from said...

yumm.. can you send a few to la for me