i really don't wanna be one of those parents.

you know, the kind that sends out daily emails with 3,298,764 photos of the baby doing the simplest of things ..

"here's peanut's 1st diaper change!"

"here's peanut's 1st bottle!"

"here's peanuts 1st poop!"

"here's peanut BREATHING! YAY!"

is his 1st burp so serious that 40 photos of his blank post burp stare need to be emailed to all friends and family, causing everyone's inboxes to crash under the weight?

don't get me wrong ..
i understand the holiday, birthday photos ..
1st walk, 1st word (video email!) ..
you know ..
the big things.

BUT ..
sometimes i just won't be able to hold it in and you'll see his face plastered all over my blog.

and i mean come on ..

.. the kid is too damn cute.


Introspective said...


Ouxu said...

every parent is one of those parents. i actually expected more pics! ;)

he is very cute.

angie said...

OHHHHHHHHHH! Handsome kid!

ms. swifty said...

the backstory - this photo is post-poop explosion all over the changing table. he couldn't stop smiling as dad scrambled around trying to clean up.

lil' jerk... :)

Sherisa {lelephantrose} said...

he sure is!
look at all his little baby dimples
and his smiling closed eyes


FireBrand said...

so, so cute.

mariam said...

Okay, that's just adorable. I wanna pinch his little cheeks!

Randy said...

Dude I was totally unprepared for the smile that grew on my face. Peanut's toothless grin got me ear to ear...