thank you, yogurtsoda.

so i decided to give the parmesan-encrusted chicken with asparagus and sauce maltaise recipe from yogurtsoda a shot and gotdamn it was GOOOOD. my sauce looked a bit thicker than the sauce mariam made but i guess i'll figure that out next time around. i've been trying to get used to eating spicier foods since i grew up as a punk to the heat so i added a dash of cayenne to give it a little kick.

i wonder how the panko-parmesan mix would taste w/ some good ol' fried chicken?

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mariam said...

Dude, that looks just like the photo I took! Sauce Maltaise is a pain to keep from thickening up though. You have to keep whisking and the temperature has to stay perfect.

Speaking of fried chicken, I have a really good recipe for Beijing-style fried chicken. It's a really old entry and I haven't updated the formatting yet, but here it is if you want: http://yogurtsoda.com/?p=457

Yay food!