Miss Jessie's is buggin', son.

I'm hair product shopping with Bella, she's looking for something for
her sexy shiny healthy baby 'fro.
So we come across Miss Jessie's products and she's considering gettin'
the Curly Buttercreme when I turn it over and look at the price.

$59.99 for a 16 oz tub.

Son, wtf? These companies are too damn much.

Thank god Bella is sensible and decided on something called Curls (With
an "S", Corren! An "S"!).


Angie said...

$59.99 for hair product!? Defintely WTF! Good Lookin' Bella, way to keep it movin' on that! :)

& said...

The hair care industry loves to mark up product prices for our ringlet curls.

Uhm hullo... just because my hair is curly/natural/ bouncin and behavin doesn't mean you get to overcharge me for your schtuff...

And with that said, I hear the Miss Jessies line is well WORTH the 60 bucks.

em.jay.dee. said...

my mama is the pres of miss jessie's friggin fan club. for that price it better give u a lap dance too. like, it'll massage ur scalp & grind ur privates. that's worth $59.99 i think.

swanee swifty said...

i hear for the curly top girlies, it's great. but for the happysnappynappy tops like me... i think i might have to pass the dutchie on the left hand side. SEEN! lol...

teanickeldime said...

while i respect their hussle. it was a crazy price to pay when it was 48 bucks.

their salon is overpriced and theyre like hair nazis. plus they tell you to use way more of the merengue/pudding than you really need. plus it takes like half a day to dry.

i did buy a jar of the merengue and pudding and it was ok. i like to be greasy more than gel-ly. so it didnt work for me. i had to put my foot down on that buttercreme though. im still looking for a nice moisturizer though.

Rich said...

well i got them joints for free at my job. and didn't know how much they were till we started selling them.