James Casebere and Lorna Simpson

I first read about art couple James Casebere and Lorna Simpson in the New York Times back in September. and after seeing their gorgeous new studio in Fort Greene, designed by David Adjaye, i did a bit of research. I wasn't bloggin' much back then so I didn't share but last weekend they were featured in T: Style Magazine and it reminded me that I hadn't shared yet. So, below are photos to their Fort Greene studio and some links with some work and biographies.

On: Lorna Simpson.
Work: Lorna Simpson.
On: James Casebere.
Work: James Casebere.

Also, Lorna has an exhibit at the Whitney which runs thru may 6th.


elucid said...

i walk past that evil looking bldg everyday. always wondering just what the fuck is going on in there. theres nothing in the neighborhood that looks remotely like it.

Rich said...

man i have never seen this place
and dang i would kill to have a studio space like that

Sean Jacobs said...

I used a link from your page for an entry on David Adjaye (see http://theleoafricanus.blogspot.com/2007/07/starchitect.html).