2 road trip/bored as hell games.

so i like playing "silly lil road trip/bored as hell it is too hot to move and get monopoly out" games. here are a couple ..

game one:
today i was introduced to a new one by my brother and cousin. they ain't have a name for it so we'll just call it the movie game.

the game goes a lil something like this ..
name 2 actors that have been in a movie together ..
*jack nicholson & danny devito in one flew over the cuckoo's nest*
take the last actor of the two ..
pair that actor with an actor he's been in a movie with ..
*danny devito & arnold swarchenegger in twins*
keep the chain going ..
*arnold swarchenegger & carl weathers in predator*
keep the chain going ..
*carl weathers & adam sandler in happy gilmore*
keep the chain going ..
*adam sandler & jack nicholson in anger management*
.. and so on and so forth.

you score points by stumping your opponent and stealing a turn.
say my opponent can't go past arnold and carl in predator ..
they give up ..
i succesfully name a matching actor his partner and movie ..
i get the point.

Bella and i played this one for quite some time tonight.

game two:
the other game was one i played with mr hamlyn and
mr morrison on our roadtrip from los angeles to the bay. it's called the acronym game.

basically you start it with a word ..
for example ..
you make an acronym out of the word ..
*spanish - some people are naked inside stranger's homes*
so you take the last word of that acronym and turn that into an acronym ..
*homes - hung over mary ejaculates softly*
and keep it going ..
*softly - sold on fucking, tabitha licked yams*
and keep it going ..
*yams - yesterday adam murdered sea lions*

if you have a g rated mind then this game sucks ..
but if you have no quarrels with making fun of race, religion, crimes, sex and midgets then this game kicks ass.

just don't play it in your living room ..
works better while on tour or road trippin'.

ok ..
that's it ..
i don't know why i felt inclined to share all that.
fuck off.


Sandy said...

uhm... does "sea lions" count as an S word?

I imagine these games would/could work in a living room if your drunk or high.

Filthy said...

these games DEFINITELY work in a living room while under the influence.

and no ..
sea lions = two words.