it's hot today ..

i'm in one of my asshole moods (when ain't it??). seems like the only people that are safe on days like this are people who are assholes just like me and Bella. she doesn't get caught in my verbal drive by.
but yeah ..
today i'm in full swing.

i've hated on the assholes out in this 90ยบ+ weather in corduroy, tank tops as a dress, thick wool suits and thick dark denim.
i've hated on the asshole that eats hard boiled eggs, stinkin' up the office, while chewing with his mouth open.
i've hated on the project i'm working on.
i've hated on the iphone.
and i think i'm about 2 seconds away from punching someone.

all that, it's only 5pm and i ain't going home NO time soon.

i'm still smiling tho.

ps - the photos add nothing to this blog entry .. i was just feeling myself.


Donald Williams said...

you are a kinder gentler asshole..

there is a massive ghey joke in there somewhere but im gonna leave it alone

E said...

you're really more of a nice guy... who is honestly pointing out things that people need to stop doing in order to be better humans.

swanee swifty said...

the pictures add flavor & substance, like adobo! xoxo