welcome back.

i haven't been excited for any sports season in almost 10 years, but that changed after the fun i had watching the nba playoffs last year. so tonight (opening night!) i watched a chunk of the spurs-blazers game (it was cool .. wish oden was healthy), a tiny bit of the warriors-jazz game (yeah the warriors aren't gonna contend for the title but they should be fun to watch this season) and i watch most of the lakers-rockets game (what a damn ending!). its now 2am and the last game just ended and now i'm watching inside the nba. i doubt i can do too many nights like this but at times its so hard to pull away. ok i'mma go watch inside the nba and then take my ass to sleep i need some rest for a day of trackademicks/design work and for tomorrow night's sonics-nuggets (durant!) and mavericks-cavaliers (lebron!) games!

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Sandy said...

COde FIxed. Tankyou.