dear keyshia cole:

you got an album out??
i haven't heard it but i think i like this vibe cover a lil better than the album.
but yeah ..
g'on witcho "refined" hoodrat ass.
dye that hair and gitcho beyonce on.
sell them rekkids, gurl.


ps - i think donwill wants to marry you.


Trish said...

they couldnt tell her to even out her boobage? that's not so difficult. dont they have ppl on set to do that? fire the photographer.

Sandy said...

WOW!!! She looks AWESOME!

elucid said...

girl dont be shy. let them titties hang.

Che Grand said...

big things poppin

ms. swifty said...

nice shot - though I'd prefer she look more relaxed like "yea, thems my titties - so?" *jiggle jiggle* but thats's just the photog in me.
holding your breasts like that after a long day is awesome though...