The Basketball Diaries.

Funny how sometimes you mention something, like a movie you haven't seen
in a long time, and it pops up somewhere around you.
Sometime this weekend, Bella and I were talking big name actors and their choice of roles. We both had the same thought about Leonardo DiCaprio, great talent but for some reason he hasn't really done much to move us in awhile. Of course, The Basketball Diaries came up in that convo. His performance as Jim Carroll left me in awe of his acting chops but after that I was rarely blown away.
Yes, his roles as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can and Amsterdam Vallon in Gangs Of New York are worthy of praise, but they just didn't grab me the way that Jim Carroll's tormented and talented junkie did.
So it's 1.30am and I'm laying down, getting ready to call it a night when I come across The Basketball Diaries during the opening credits. So my ass stayed up watching this and jesus I'd forget just how good Leo was in this film. I need to buy this on dvd asap. And to think I started writing a blog about my weekend (weekend blog coming up next) and then this came along.
So thanks to Leo, poetry and heroin I'm up at damn near 4am. And I doubt I'll be going to bed anytime soon cause I'm in the mood to watch Team America.


PS - I can't wait to see Blood Diamond!

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