Tha Blue Carpet Treatment >>> Kingdom Come

I'm listening to Snoop's new solo and while it's not great it has some stellar moments. On 'Think About It'' snoop is spitting with so much more hunger than Jay does on any of Kingdom Come. the baseline on 'Crazy' is so sloppy and leans like a motherfucker, funky as all hell. Why did Nottz sample the bath scene from Coming To America?? why is the E-40, MC Eiht, Golide, Dogg Pound collabo slap so hard? I wonder if Rick Rock did this beat? And why am I in love with the Dr Dre/Snoop/D'Angelo's 'Imagine'?

On the flip side Jay's Kingdom Come is .. EH. Don't get me wrong it's not a terrible album but damnit, I'm selfish and I want some dope music. I love the title track and 30 something. Aside from that 'The Prelude' is cool. 'Lost Ones' is decent. Trouble is not bad and I don't hate 'Show Me What You Got' .. but I do HATE the Neptune produced, Usher/Pharrell featuring 'Anything'. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. And 'Hollywood' with Beyonce isn't any better. I do give credit where credit is due and I think that Chris Martin, of Coldplay fame, produced 'Beach Chair' is a nice step away from the norm. I'm not sold on the song just yet but at least I can appreciate the fact that he was pushing himself in a different direction.

All in all, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment is not a great album but it sure is fun as all hell.

Wish Jay woulda gave us something fun.

Now I'm waiting for In My Mind 2.0.

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